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Bigtree -Immune system 98% - 50% good enough for vaccine?
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: August 02, 2020 01:48AM


"Fauci needs to be arrested"

Alex and Del on fire


if only alex would be quiet

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Re: Bigtree -Immune system 98% - 50% good enough for vaccine?
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: August 02, 2020 11:45AM

Here are some of my notes...

JR’s Notes:

1:13 MM
Del Bigtree: Multiple Drug Companies have been attempting to make a Coronavirus Vaccine. Here’s what’s amazing and I discovered in our research. Every single Animal Trial by all of those different Drug Companies and different approaches to a Coronavirus Vaccine had the same result. In every one of the Trials, they used ferrets. It’s a popular animal; I think it has a similar Immune System to Human Beings. They gave them their Trial Coronavirus Vaccine and the animals seemed to be doing just fine. They would have said it’s safe. Look, the animal’s fine - the Vaccine didn’t hurt them. They even checked their blood and they were having robust Antibody production meaning it looks like it really works and they’re probably all jumping up and down in their laboratories.

But here’s what happens - in an Animal Trial, you’re allowed to go one step further than you’re ethically allowed to in a Human Trial, that’s called a Challenge Study where they actually put the animal in contact with the Virus - can’t do this with Human Beings. But they put the ferrets in contact with Coronavirus and every single one of the Trials had the same problem - instead of the Antibodies protecting the Animal from the Coronavirus the Antibodies actually helped the Virus Attack their own Immune System and it overreacted. They had serious Upper Respiratory Conditions, Organ Failure, what’s called a Cytokine Storm meaning the Immune System sent their Body into Inflammation in Brain, all over. Many of the Animals Died. It was so catastrophic that in these Trials, you see at the end a caution that says, “We should be very careful moving forward with Human Trials.”

Well now, we have just skipped all of the Animal Trials and we’re going into these small Human Trials that will Never have the Challenge Study part of this. So what I am saying is we are rushing a Vaccine that was Deadly in Animal Trials. 3:00 MM

It is so sad to see so much confusion repeated on this subject matter. The Immune System is NOT Attacking the Body! A Cytokine Storm is NOT an OVERREACTING Immune System and is NOT the Cause of Inflammation. It is NOT Bacterial or Viral Induced Inflammation - it's Toxemia Induced Inflammation. Even the Bacteria and so-called Viruses are Toxemia Induced.

Since Viruses have NEVER been identified, what do they actually put these animals and humans in contact with and how are they doing it? Are they INJECTING them with another animal's Exosomes? Remember, anything that does NOT belong inside of us whether it's Exogenous or Endogenous will create Inflammation and when we INJECT things into us, we are bypassing our Natural Defenses.

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Re: Bigtree -Immune system 98% - 50% good enough for vaccine?
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: August 02, 2020 12:33PM

Exactly and what are they trying to create these vaccines against?

just looking for some antibody response? And they get excited? Big deal..


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