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The Big Virus Hoax
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: September 08, 2020 01:37AM

The Big Virus Hoax

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There is great information within this website concerning what “Viruses” are and what they are not. There is revealing and insightful information concerning how and why the so-called “Coronavirus Global Pandemic” HOAX would take place and could even be possible. There is excellent information concerning Face Mask Dangers & Law and your Civil Rights within the USA under this global attack by the power-hungry globalists. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are working to control the world by manipulating and controlling people through ignorance and fear with false concepts and teachings about "viruses." There is also valuable information about Health in general. This website was created to be the ultimate go-to hub for information and resources concerning these primary topics and issues - and much more. We strongly recommend and encourage you to digest everything published on this Home page - from top to bottom - and EVERYTHING published on our Vaccines page. Don’t be overwhelmed – just browse, take your time and come back often!
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People should not have their civil rights taken away from them based upon an unsubstantiated and unfounded assumption and allegation that they are a health risk... without first proving and verifying that they are a health risk. CLICK THIS GoFundMe LINK TO SUPPORT: []



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An Overview Of The "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" Hoax
There Is No "Coronavirus" - There Is No "COVID-19"

Beside everything else published within this website, the video below on "Koch's Postulates" by Dr. Andrew Kaufman provides absolute Scientific Proof there is no "Coronavirus" - there is no "COVID-19." This video can, and should, be used in a court of law to prosecute the corrupt criminals who orchestrated the "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" HOAX.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Molecular Biologist with degrees from Duke University, South Carolina Medical University and MIT.
"Viruses" Do Not Exist - They Are A Strategic Concept

This website was published to let people know that "viruses" have never been proven to exist. Unless and until they have been proven to exist - they do not exist. The cleverly concocted, cunningly crafted, concepts of "viruses" and "viral contagion" are being strategically used to scare and shame people into submissively wearing face masks. They will soon be used to scare and shame people into receiving dangerous and deadly vaccines. We published this website to inform and rally True Americans and Patriots so they will push back against the evil agenda of government-mandated forced vaccinations.

Scientifically speaking, a "virus" has never been isolated. What we know for certain is that so-called "viruses," which the scientists who are bought and paid for by mega corporations refer to as "non-living particles," are nothing more than bits and pieces of cell debris from expired cells. If and when the day comes that they can isolate an alleged "virus," place it in a dish with cells and develop a video recorder that can record what can currently only be seen as still images of microscopic specs under a scanning electron microscope, so we can watch a "virus" in real time from start to finish invading and infecting cells as has been proffered to the public - rather than assuming that scanned images of DNA and RNA from bits and pieces of expired cells are "viruses" - that will be a good start. Then they will still have to prove "contagion" exists. In fact, they will have to go to the local grocery store with their high-tech microscopic video recorder and record the "non-living particles" called "viruses" on shopping cart handles. Oh, and don't give us Hollywood animations either. If YOU believe "viruses" exist - and that's all it is, a "belief" - then review, analyze, contemplate and digest the information published within this website to get informed because the real question for YOU is: Do you "believe" in vaccines (harmful chemicals and aborted baby parts being injected into your body)? They intend to use the CONCEPT of "viruses" to establish government-mandated forced vaccinations upon every man, woman and child. The vaccines will be a serum laced with nanotech microchips that will work in conjunction with high frequency 5G radiation waves for easy tagging and tracking of the herd of humanity. They will also be able to send out various signals and amplify frequencies to make people sick and/or kill them. Then they will claim the deaths are from a "virus." How convenient is that? Are you going to be part of their herd? If not, JOIN THE RESISTANCE.
The Greatest Lie Ever Told

An abundance of information has been compiled within this website for those interested in the truth behind the "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" HOAX, "viruses," "contagion" and "illnesses." This recent Blog presents a good overview of what we're fighting against and how you can help.

Most people do not even know what a "virus" is. They only know what they have been taught or told a "virus" is. Even at that, they have a very limited and vague knowledge and understanding of what a "virus" is. When you consider the broad reaching scope to which viruses allegedly impact human lives, you would think that would be the number one study for every human being on the planet. Think about it. An "invisible phantom enemy"? An unseen perpetrator of illnesses and deaths in the tens of millions? Is there really such an invisible perpetrator? Or is the CONCEPT of "viruses" simply that: a CONCEPT... a cleverly concocted and cunningly crafted conspiracy to control all countries... a strategically fabricated "invisible phantom enemy" that can be used to shut down and lock down all of society throughout the entire world... a devilishly devised deterrent to the destiny of humanity whereby the powers-that-be can easily strip people of their Freedoms, Liberties, Rights and Livelihoods through feigned "global pandemics"... the picture-perfect principle whereby government-mandated forced vaccinations may be perpetrated upon every man, woman and child?

The Greatest Lie Ever Told
So-called "Viruses" were Assumed, Not Proven

For those who want to learn more about so-called "viruses" and what is really going on with this "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" - a pre-planned economic shutdown - watch the videos on this website. The more you watch, the more you will know with full confidence this is a manufactured event. It has instilled fear within people and robbed them of their Freedoms, Liberties, Rights and Livelihoods. Dr. Andrew Kaufman (top three videos to the right), is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Molecular Biologist who received his training and degrees from Duke University, South Carolina Medical University and MIT. He says there are no such things as "viruses" and this is a "manufactured event." The man who invented the email system and has several degrees in engineering and biology, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, is a PhD from MIT. He has called this a "hoax based upon false science." Dr. T.C. Fry and Health Practitioner, Tom Barnett, also say there are no such things as "viruses" - not as "invisible phantom enemies" or green and red "monster blobs" that are depicted in illustrations and animations. That is just propaganda. There is only the "viral process" of the body's own cells engulfing cell debris and toxins (poisons) to rid them from the body. The Latin origin of the word "virus" means "poison." Toxins (poisons) within the body is the only reason why people get sick and die - not from "invisible phantom enemies" called "viruses." The definition of the word "virus" gradually changed over time to suit the agendas of the very profitable education, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

See The Poisoned Needle
The Greatest Lie Ever Told
This is a contrived & Manufactured event

There are many scientists, professors and doctors that dispute the mainstream "virus" hypothesis, especially HIV (AIDS). They are all correct. True science and the data supports their position, as well as logic, reason and common sense.

Let's take a step back to the 1930s...

Research into "viruses" surely must have had innocent and noble beginnings immediately following the invention of the scanning electron microscope, when they were finally able to see tiny microscopic particles within and without of cells for the first time. However, taxpayer-funded revenues in the millions were being procured from the government for ongoing research. It is certain that efforts to maintain and even increase such procurements of government funding, which currently ranges in the billions of dollars annually, spawned an equally new, albeit unscientific, process of manipulating, conspiring, twisting and contorting scientific and medical findings in an effort to maintain that funding. The vaccine industry, which was already well underway, also desired to foster and bolster their profits-driven plans. The perfect partnership was established for assuming and asserting that microscopic particles were disease causing microbes. Thus, the cleverly concocted and cunningly crafted concepts of "viruses" and "contagion" were consummated. In the decades that followed an array of strategically fabricated aspirations and ambitions have been carried out. That Modus Operandi continues to this day. Their current aspirations and ambitions are to establish government-mandated forced vaccinations for every person on earth. Tens-of-billions of taxpayer-funded government dollars are funneled into the education, medical and pharmaceutical industries each year, as well as their tax-exempt non-profit organizations. Much of it is unaccounted for.

Now back to 2020 and the "coronavirus global pandemic"...

"Viruses" and "Viral Contagion" are cleverly concocted, cunningly crafted, devilishly devised "CONCEPTS" that were strategically fabricated in order to funnel billions of dollars every year into the education, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as to create uncertainty, confusion and fear in people in order to manipulate and control them.

"Those particles of DNA called 'viruses' are nothing more than mitochondrial debris from expired body cells - daily we lose hundreds of billions of cells from our organism of 75 trillion. Most of this cellular loss is replaced. Now that a destructive and malevolent enemy has been pronounced the villain, an enemy that transcends all and afflicts the moral as well as the immoral, the stage is set for general public hysteria as a buildup for the entry of all sorts of products on the scene... especially vaccines." - Dr. T.C. Fry, 1989

That includes face masks, gloves, face shields, ventilators, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. - little did Dr. T.C. Fry know. He also said: "Without viruses and viral contagion the medical and pharmaceutical industries are dead." The education, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper products industries all fair well with the contrived concept of viruses - at your expense. The governments also fair well with government control - at your expense.

Indeed, the only things that can be seen under a scanning electron microscope within and without of cells are cell debris from expired cells. Also, some scientists and doctors purport that exosomes are excreted from cells to gobble up poisons and carry them back to the cells to be transported out of the body. There are no such things as "viruses." In fact, it is an utterly nonsensical and ridiculous claim to assert that non-living particles called "viruses" have infected the entire world. Even more ridiculous to assert that such "non-living particles" can "live" on shopping carts at grocery stores. It seems people's minds have returned to the dark ages of sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo and evil spirits.
Please Share This Website For The Benefit Of All

This website was constructed and published for the benefit of all human beings. It exists particularly and especially for those who know with full confidence that the lying FAKE NEWS mainstream media, which includes every single channel you can turn to on a television set (including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and even FOX NEWS), is indeed a propaganda producing mouthpiece for those who control the world. All of the highly paid TV commentators, anchors, reporters and spokespersons who work for these media outlets are paid high salaries and given shrewd tactical narratives designed to shape the minds of the people, most often with exaggerations, sensationalism and even outright LIES.

This is your one-stop portal for information on the GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD: the CONCEPT of "viruses" and "viral contagion." We are here to provide information you will NEVER get from the television. We are here to help establish a resistance to a pre-planned assault upon humanity in the form of TOTAL CONTROL via the scary CONCEPT of "viruses" and the inevitable impending perpetration of government-mandated forced vaccinations and technological Social Engineering.

Watch the videos on our Vaccines page and you will know and understand why you do not want to be vaccinated. FIRST, BE SURE TO WATCH THE INSIGHTFUL VIDEOS BELOW FROM Health Practitioner, Tom Barnett and Dr. T.C. Fry.

Please DONATE and/or grab an item in our SHOP to help keep our efforts going and to share the good news about the existence of this website. We are doing all we can to expose and fight against corruption and lies. Join us by becoming a Patriot Action Warrior in your state. We are doing all we can to expose and fight against corruption and lies and to share information, knowledge and truth. Please support us and help us with our efforts. Thank You!

Together we can fight back against this unconstitutional SCAM with the Patriot Action Plan.

Social Media Censorship

The video below, by Tom Barnett, was uploaded to YouTube on March 31, 2020 and received more than 100,000 views within 24 hours. It was removed by YouTube the following day. Why? Several people wisely video recorded the original upload and it continues going viral.

Mike Singer made the Facebook post and video below elaborating on WHY and HOW the "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" could even be a HOAX. Facebook banned him from posting for 30 days. YouTube removed his video also. Why?
Can You "Catch A Virus"? - Tom Barnett, M.D.
How & Why A "Global Pandemic" Hoax
What Is A "Virus"... Really? - Dr. T.C. Fry
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, MIT

"It's not...COVID. They have created a fake science."
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Re: The Big Virus Hoax
Posted by: NuNativs ()
Date: September 10, 2020 06:21AM

In LIGHT of TRUMPS recent admissions about his TRUE feelings on the Coronavirus, this whole post is MUTE. In fact it makes you look quite asinine and naive. This is Rose's whole tactic, attack, attack, attack, fight, fight, fight.

Thanks Rose for being a STRONG CONTRIBUTOR of the coming APOCALYPSE!!!

(Though Trump did LIVE far longer than TC, but I wouldn't label him HEALTHY!!!...) mentally nor physically...

Edited 4 time(s). Last edit at 09/10/2020 06:27AM by NuNativs.

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