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I’m a Doctor! This “Epidemic” is a HOAX!
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: October 16, 2020 12:02AM

I’m a Doctor! This “Epidemic” is a HOAX!

I’m a Doctor: In every epidemic in the history of the world, the ONLY People who have ever been quarantined are those who are SICK! NEVER before have the healthy people been Quarantined!

There is NO NEED to Quarantine Healthy people in ANY epidemic. This epidemic is a HOAX!

I’m a Surgeon. For over 100 years, we surgeons have been wearing a mask while operating on patients, ---with our mouth, nose and face just 18 inches from the large open wound in your body. And the mask has been so effective at keeping you from being infected by us, that the practice has NEVER been changed –in over 100 years! There is NO NEED for people to be 6 feet apart. This epidemic is a HOAX!

I’m a physician: The body is designed to heal itself. If someone gets a cold, or the flu, or a child gets one of the childhood diseases, such as measles, mumps, or the chicken pox, they may be sick for a few days, but then they get well. And after that, they have life-long immunity.

There is NO NEED for children to be protected from a cold, the flu, or childhood diseases. This epidemic is a HOAX.

I’m a doctor: Vaccines do NOT work! They have NEVER worked! The massive increase in childhood diseases occurred during the industrial revolution when many families moved from the country into the city, looking for work. Whole families lived under a staircase, or in a small room with no windows. They threw their waste into the street. Children younger than 9 years old worked 12 hours a day in the mines. Everyone was sick.

But when they passed child labor laws, housing laws and sanitation laws, the incidence of disease in adults AND children fell by about 95% BEFORE the introduction of vaccines! When vaccines were developed, often more than 50% of new cases of the particular disease were CAUSED by the vaccines!

I’m a doctor: There is NO NEED for a Vaccine for the Corona Virus because it causes NOTHING more than the Common Cold. And the Vaccine is designed to make you and your children sterile (unable to have children), to KILL the elderly, and to destroy everyone’s immune system. This is Population Extermination!

NO ONE is dying from the Corona Virus. People are dying from all the diseases they usually die from: heart disease, strokes, cancer, COPD, accidents. The doctors are being forced to list the death as Corona Virus, to keep the LIES alive AND because the insurance companies will pay MORE to the hospital if the death is noted as Corona Virus –even when it is a LIE! The government wants the number of deaths from Corona Virus to SCARE people into BEGGING for the Vaccine that they think will help them, but it won’t! It will either KILL them, make them VERY SICK, or make them STERILE!

I’m a surgeon-an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon: For 15 years I was on the faculty of one of the 3 best medical schools in America, the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. I was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. I was a surgeon in San Francisco during the height of the AIDS epidemic. At times, 90% of my patients were high risk for AIDS: they were either homosexuals or drug addicts.

Yet NEVER was ANY patient Quarantined, even though AIDS was 100% FATAL! There was NO Contract Tracing of patients with AIDS. And NO AIDS patient was ever prohibited from going to the sex orgy shops, called “bathhouses,” where they could have sex with 50 or 100 men in one night, exchanging feces, urine, saliva and blood. We doctors tried to get the bath houses closed –to save lives, but NO government agency, including those at the CDC and the NIH, were interested in having the bathhouses closed. They didn’t care at ALL about the health of Americans. They were essentially ALL LIARS! I know --because I dealt with them 30 years ago. Some of the same people are still there –and STILL LYING!

This epidemic is a HOAX!

So WHY has the government perpetrated this total HOAX on the American people?


To destroy America financially,

to destroy the middle class,

to mandate vaccinations that will sterilize the population, kill the elderly, and destroy everyone’s immune system,

to eliminate virtually all small businesses,

to destroy Christianity and Christians and all Gentiles,

to bring everyone into poverty,

to starve the majority of Americans to death by eliminating farming, dairy farming, and slaughter houses,

to bring in a Jewish Communist Totalitarian One World Government, and

to decrease the population of the world by 6 Billion people, by killing the goyim (Gentiles)

so the Jews can have the world to themselves, as they have been planning for over 200 years!


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Re: I’m a Doctor! This “Epidemic” is a HOAX!
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: October 16, 2020 12:19AM

Thanks JR

From over 10 years ago here


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Re: I’m a Doctor! This “Epidemic” is a HOAX!
Posted by: NuNativs ()
Date: October 17, 2020 01:45PM

John Rose

so the Jews can have the world to themselves, as they have been planning for over 200 years![/size]

Perhaps you need medication???

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