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"Misinformation" - new buzzword of The Censors
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: November 12, 2020 03:18AM

What happened to the word - Disinformation? Now it's "Misinformation" eye rolling smileyeye popping smiley

So Millennial Millie and Steve Bannon are the King and Queen of Misinformation - lol

From Steve Bannon To Millennial Millie: Facebook, YouTube Struggle With Live Video



Oh, the 'code' and 'dog whistle' themes -

'People on the Internet are saying' could be code for misinformation

You just gotta hate dislike these people ...

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Re: "Misinformation" - new buzzword of The Censors
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: November 16, 2020 08:02PM

NYT tech columnist Kevin Roose has a new standard for what counts as
“misinformation”… and it includes “factually accurate” articles.

But, you see, if it comes from Breitbart…

The absurd new journalistic standard for "factually accurate" misinformation

"The Trump Era has given us a lot of new terms when it comes to the media, but perhaps the most prevalent will be "fake news." It began as a term by the media for right-wing misinformation, than was co-opted by Trump, and now the media has largely gone away from the term specifically. But the concept has become an entire cottage industry in the media - "disinformation" reporters and those badgering tech companies to ban right-leaning outlets or suppress the spread of their content.

Which brings us to a series of tweets yesterday from the New York Times' Kevin Roose, tech columnist. Roose shared some examples of the "right-wing misinformation" that Facebook is "teeming with" right now. They included headlines like "AG Barr Authorizes DOG To Look Into Voting Irregularities" and "Perdue, Loeffler Call On Georgia Sec of State to Resign Over Election."

Now, these headlines are... literally what happened. They are not even editorializing at all - they are simply an accurate representation of what occurred yesterday. But, see, the source is Breitbart. When Roose was called out on this, he responded this morning: "For the conservatives who are mad about this: yes, it is possible for a story to be factually accurate *and* for it to be part of a misinformation campaign aimed at undermining confidence in an election."

Ah, so now even "factually accurate" articles are "part of a misinformation campaign"... if they come from right-leaning sources. This is an embarrassing, absurd new journalistic standard. And ultimately, it only exists because Roose and others who think like him in the media world simply don't trust conservatives to be able to handle the truth. Roose believes information should be suppressed because those he thinks are dumb or incapable of handling the truth would misinterpret it. It's not misinformation - it's suppression. And it's particularly disturbing coming from the media."

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