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How to Spot a Propaganda Trial Balloon
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: November 18, 2020 04:46PM

How to Spot a Propaganda Trial Balloon - #PropagandaWatch
16:14 Minute Video

Nov 18, 2020
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Your thoughts and opinions are incredibly important to those who want to direct your behaviour. So it should be no surprise that propagandists float trial balloons in order to gauge public reaction to new proposals before going ahead with their plans. Join James on today's #PropagandaWatch as he breaks down this important mechanism of propaganda.

JR’s Notes:

9:48 MM
Good case in point actually comes from, well; actually, an interesting piece that comes from The Spectator talking about Denmark, but it’s really talking about Britain. So this is under the headline, Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination, and this article starts by saying, “Could British residents be forced to have a COVID-19 vaccine? Yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock refused to rule out mandatory inoculation, telling TalkRadio that the government would have to watch what happens… and make judgments accordingly. His comments have sparked questions about how realistic the prospect of mandatory vaccination is ion the UK, or what restrictions people could face – with MP Tom Tugendhat suggesting that the unvaccinated people could be banned from workplaces – if they refuse to get inoculated.”

Do you see what just happened there?

A Trial Balloon was just floated by Health Secretary Matt Hancock - he would refuse to rule out the idea of mandatory vaccinations, which broached the conversation and suddenly you have Parliament discussing this and you have people suggesting, well maybe you can’t go to the workplace unless you get vaccinated. Suddenly, this conversation is broached and at the end of all of this if there is sufficient pushback from the public such that there would be mass wide scale non-compliance, disobedience, nationwide strikes, people out in the streets, absolutely refusing to take this shot, if that was the response to this idea to this suggestion, then this Trial Balloon could be shot down and completely disowned. Oh, we didn’t say there was going to be mandatory vaccines - we just said we weren’t ruling it out. Well, we’ve come to the conclusion maybe that’s not a good idea.

So you better believe the British public’s response to this idea is being evaluate and scrutinized quite closely now and this is how it rolls - this is how it works - they’ll throw out a Trial Balloon and just say, oh, we were just guessing about that and then, public reaction will dictate whether or not they proceed with the plan. And we see that happening, actually, in the referent for that particular article - the Denmark Epidemic Law, that’s currently, as far as I know, currently being debated in Denmark where they have language that suggests that the police will be able to assist in forcibly vaccinating people who refuse to receive any mandated vaccine under the New Epidemic Law that is being debated. And now, I can’t confirm this and so I would love if anyone in the audience from Denmark could confirm or disconfirm the reports that are being circulated online right now that after days of nationwide protest and mass scale disobedience the government has backed down and binned the Epidemic Law. As far as I know, the final decision will be made next month and that might include the Law as envisioned - it might be revised - it might be scrapped, altogether, but I don’t know of any decision has been taken on that - I have not seen anything definitive in black and white from any official source stating that one way or another, so if anyone could confirm that, that would be great. But if so, that is, again, of course, a demonstration of the fact that when people mass scale widely refused to comply, will not back down on a given topic, they can easily say, oh, okay, we’re scrapping that, oh don’t worry, that was just a proposal, oh, that was just a Trial Balloon, we’re going to shoot it down and you don’t have to think about it anymore. 13:24 MM

So yes, your reaction, your thoughts, your opinions are of great consequence to would-be-leaders of society and that’s why Trial Balloons are floated to see how the public will react, so that does imply certain things about our reactions to various stories that come out whether we’re going to say no or hell no or maybe or hey, that could be a good idea could influence how those ideas will or will not be enacted in Law and that’s an important lesson for us as we go into this. And I think there are a number of examples that one could point to of Trial Balloons that are being floated right now or have been floated in the past. I have my own ideas of some of them, but I’d like to hear yours.

What are examples of this, not necessarily about COVID-19 or what’s taking place right now, although, it may be, but from your locality, can you think of any examples of politicians floating Trial Balloons only to shoot them down when there’s public resistance or to go ahead with them when, suddenly, it seems like the public is willing to accept it and what does that imply about our strategies either to very vocally say no, we will not allow, say the Canadian Military to target Canadians as enemy targets in information campaigns until they back down from that position or to pretend to go along with certain ideas so that they do forward them, so that then, we can non-comply and force the issue rather than having it, kick the can down the road?

There are a lot of strategic things to consider here, but at the very least, the first order of things is to identify that Trial Balloons exist and they are floated from time to time in order to gauge public reaction. 15:09 MM


Line upon Line Precept upon Precept 1 hour ago
Denmark protests ignored by media. But they were still effective.

No Shaking 1 hour ago
The people of Denmark win, the government have back down after the people rise up to protest against the bill. Bravo

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