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How to Inflate Covid 'Cases' and Deaths
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 12, 2021 03:22PM

Just count all Flu Cases and Deaths as Covid.

But no, the Official Narrative of course is:

There has been no Flu this year because of Masking, Social Distancing, Lockdowning and Destroying Small Businesses. eye rolling smiley

We wiped out the flu this year. Could we do it again?

The promise and peril of this year’s missing flu season.


The sum of all our mask-wearing, distancing, business closures, and other, however imperfect, precautions haven’t been enough to stop the Covid-19 pandemic in its tracks. But there’s a silver lining: It has been enough to virtually wipe out the flu this season.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that as of January 30, there have been just 1,316 positive flu cases in its clinical surveillance network since September. Around this time last year, it had logged 129,997 positive flu cases in the same time frame.

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Re: How to Inflate Covid 'Cases' and Deaths
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: February 12, 2021 03:45PM

read this. it explains a lot.
lots of good articles on the site too.


leftists have flooded the news cycle with cancels, stupidity, hypocrisy, etc

gina carano posts about cancel culture, then cancel culture cancels her and proves her point.

brian stelter says "we are not trying to get FOX off the air!"
then proceeds to say they should protect people from the views presented on FOX.

trump accused of inciting a riot as he said march peacefully

black is white, white is black just like has been shown on this board many times by our own lefties.

kavanaugh hearing rioters get 35 dollar fines
and trump rioters get perhaps 15 years in jail (olympic athlete)

there is no hypocrisy too big

no lack of self awareness too absurd

in the pursuit of crazy agendas

as you said, flu is counted as covid, and
I have already stated why saying the lack of flu being explained by covid measures is contradictory and stupid. the measures cannot preferentially stop flu and not covid.

logic has no bearing on these idiots.

since they own the media, big tech, much of govt

we can only hope they continue to eat their own

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Re: How to Inflate Covid 'Cases' and Deaths
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 13, 2021 03:10AM

That video of Bill and Melinda Gates was creepy. He's like a grown-up kid nerd. And the photo of the guy with his head up his rear, and the word 'science'. I read an article today and I swear it had the word 'scientists' ten times. I'm so sick of the 'scientists'. We've got the Scientists, the Tech Guys, the Politicians, Governments, IGOs, NGOs, International Organizations, Intergovernmental Agencies, the Corporations, the Military, the ANTIFA/BLM, the Media, Hollywood, All the Institutions and the Complicit Sheeple working to destroy us. All Leftists. Geez.

Not easy to look at the bright side.

But there is a bright side -

Because this Election was Definitely Stolen, that means that Trump did not get 74 Million Americans voting for him. Trump really got 80 to 100 Million Americans who voted for him. Biden got like 60 Million. Trump Won in a Landslide!

That means that WE CONSERVATIVE/LIBERTARIAN/INDEPENDENTS are the Majority and THE LEFT LIBERALS are the Minority. I'd say it's like 60/40 now in America - 60% of Americans are on The Right. 40% of Americans are on The Left!

We are the Majority!

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