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Why People Who Don't Want to Go into Politics NEED to Get into Politics!!!
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: February 20, 2021 02:26AM

This is an extremely interesting and informative interview, which points out why more of us need to go into Politics and/or get involved some way! As I've pointed many times here and in my videos and as G. Edward Griffin points out below, those of us who need to get into Politics don't really want to go into Politics.

Interview 104 – G. Edward Griffin
Corbett • 10/01/2009 • 2 Comments
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G. Edward Griffin, the founder of Freedom Force International and a staunch defender of individual liberties for the past four decades, joins us to discuss the problem of collectivism. We also discuss how those opposed to the current world order can fight back by reclaiming the power centers of society.

JR’s Notes:’s the 1st of October, 2009...

0:54 MM
James Corbett: So as someone who has been searching and pondering these Threats for many years, what can you tell us about the Nature of the Threat that we’re facing today? 1:03 MM

1:03 MM
G. Edward Griffin: Well, I think that’s a very profound question, James. I like the question because many people are too obsessed, I think, with looking at the surface Manifestations of our Problems. On our website, we have a little paragraph that people seem to respond to. We say, we should Not be like Cats and then, go on to explain that if you toss a pebble at a Cat, the Cat will look at the pebble, but if you toss a pebble at a Dog, the Dog will look at you. And that’s what we sort of find in the field of News Events and, you know, World Changing Events. Too many people are looking at the pebble, they’re looking at the Effect, they’re looking at the Demonstrations, the Riots, the Loss of Purchasing Power, the Growth of the Police State, you know, all of these things that annoy them, Corruption in Government, but they don’t really focus on who’s Causing that to happen or what is Causing that to happen. And that’s the essence of your question, so I really like it. 2:17 MM

JR Comment: Wrong, we should be focusing on WHY these News Events are happening and NOT who’s Causing them to happen. Indeed, this is the Piece of the Puzzle that none of these guys understand! It’s the Raw Food/Cooked Food Connection!

2:17 MM
G. Edward Griffin: In my view, the underlining Engine for almost all of the Problems that concern us today is an Ideology of all things. It’s Not even people. Oh yes, there are people with names and they hold Positions and all of that, but they’re always changing, those people are replaced by other people and if you look at the Common Thread between them, it’s that they share a Common Ideology - they all think the same and so it really makes no difference who is in Power or who holds that particular Position - nothing really Changes… 2:55 MM

3:05 MM
...nothing Changes - the Trend just continues and it’s all because all of those people in the Chain of Command have shared an Ideology. Well, what is the Ideology?

It’s called Collectivism. 3:16 MM

3:48 MM
The underlining Struggle is between 2 Ideologies - 2 Political Views - one is Collectivism and the other one is Individualism. And there, again, is a word that hasn’t been very well used of late, but it’s very common in the older literature. But these words I’m attempting to revive and cause people to understand the differences between Collectivism and Individualism and although we don’t have the time for this brief session to go into it all, I’ll just give you an overview.

Collectivism is the concept of Great Big Government of Control from the Top Down. All Power at the Top and the people at the Bottom but being mere little Surfs and Servants of the larger Group - the Society - the State - the Government.

Individualism is the other way around - just tip the Pyramid upside down, you know, the Foundation of the Whole Society is the Individual and the purpose of Society is to Protect the Rights of the Individual and to Guard the Individual even against the Group if necessary. 5:00 MM

So there are 2 entirely different Philosophies - the underlining Philosophy of Collectivism is that the Group is more important than the Individual and the Individual must be Sacrificed if necessary for the Greater Good of the Greater Number. That’s what I was taught when I went to school - the Greater Good of the Greater Number - it sounded so good to me and a lot of people have bought into it. 5:22 MM

JR Comment on 2-19-21: Once again, search for that video I did saying that Collectivism is on our To Get List and it’s one of the ways we’re being Tricked every time we use something on our To Get List as something on our To Do List.

5:22 MM
So once you buy into that, then you’re defenseless because any Atrocity that you could possibly imagine, any infringement of your Persona Liberties, any affront against your Physical Body could be justified in the name of, well, it’s just necessary for the Greater Good of the Greater Number - it’s necessary for the State - it’s necessary for Society and this is how the Despots of our era always justify sacrificing huge numbers of people by claiming that they are the Minority and that they must be sacrificed for some Greater Good. 6:01 MM

7:28 MM
In other words, the Greater Good of the Greater Number. Everything that is done today to take away our Liberties is done in the name of the Greater Good of the Greater Number. 7:39 MM

7:39 MM
So this is the underlining Philosophy, it’s an Ideology and as long as people let that continue unchallenged, then there is No Hope of turning around, there’s No Hope of re-establishing Personal Freedom again. We’re just going to see this thing continue to decline to the point where we end up in a Totalitarian System not too different from the Regimes of the Past, the Middle Ages, Serfdom, only thing it’s a High Tech Serfdom, we’ll have Television, you know, we’ll have Refrigerators, but people will still be highly regimented and they work for their Masters and be told what to do. 8:18 MM

8:18 MM
G. Edward Griffin: So that’s my analysis of what’s happening in the World today and I think it’s very important that people start to understand the Ideologically Foundation of this Movenment and then, to stand up and to Recapture Control of the System and Reverse that Trend and Restore Liberty once again. 8:36 MM

8:36 MM
James Corbett: I couldn’t agree more, but returning to the idea of Labels, once again, many people have chosen to identify the System or even the group of people that opposed by us as the New World Order and certainly that is a phrase ...and how would you define the New World Order? 9:00 MM

9:00 MM
G. Edward Griffin: …

11:00 MM
James Corbett: Well, given that this New World Order or whatever we call it is the exact antithesis of all the Ideals that we cherish, how can we Effectively Oppose it?

11:10 MM
G. Edward Griffin: Well, I think the active word there is “Effectively”. We can Oppose it, of course, in every way that we can, primarily, through Argument, through Debate, through Reasoning, through Study of History. In other words, we can advocate that there is a Better way, we can advocate that the concept of Individualism is a far Superior Social Order than Collectivism, but that is Not an Effective Opposition to it because what happens is that Individualists, like us, tend to gravitate away from Power Centers. We don’t like to Control other people’s lives and so very few of us want to go into Politics. We don’t want to go into Government work. We just don’t like that. We want to be Individuals. We want to produce. We want to pursue the American Dream or whatever. Let other people alone to do what they want to do and hope they leave us alone. 12:08 MM

12:08 MM
But Collectivists are not that kind at all. These are the Controllers. These are the Social Engineers. These are the people who want to tell me and you what to do with our lives for our own Good, of course, for the Greater Good of the Greater Number. And they gravitate into Positions of Leveraged Power over people, so they go into Government and they’re the ones that wind up in Political Positions - they’re the ones that wind up Controlling the Police Forces and the Military Units and they actually dictate to us what we must do and if we, you know, Oppose them, they throw us in Prison or Deny us of Existence, as they say in China, one of the Great Collectivists Societies of the World.

So to Effectively Oppose Collectivism, I believe we have to go to the Power Centers where this Power is concentrated and Remove the Collectivists from their Positions of Authority. In other words, we’ve got to get into Politics - we’ve got to go into all of the Media Centers - we’ve got to go into the School Systems - we’ve got to go into the Church Organizations and Labor Unions - all of these Positions of Social, you know, the Power Centers is what the Socialists call it [all of these Power Centers] - we have to become Active in these Groups and do our best to become influential and provide leadership. Only then can we Dislodge the Collectivists from those Pinnacles of Power and only then can we Effectively Oppose it. 13:41 MM


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