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Rising Above the Ideas of the Time!!!
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: February 20, 2021 04:12PM

The Path of Least Resistance
9:21 Minute Video

Published on May 8, 2018
In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at the Path of Least Resistance. John points out that we’re supposed to Follow the Path of Least Resistance in an Ideal World, but since we don’t Live in an Ideal World anymore, it’s imperative that we Break Away from the Herd because our Herd is Headed for a Cliff.

As always, John offers a simple Solution to this Dilemma by Motivating all of the Trim Tabs of Society to Play their Role so we can turn our Herd away from the Cliff and put us back on the Right Path where we’ll be Dancing in Paradise, which is simply a place where we don’t have any Problems that are 100% Within our Control.

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0:00 MM
“As equality spreads and men individually become less strong, they ever increasingly let themselves glide with the stream of the crowd and find it hard to maintain alone an opinion abandoned by the rest.” -Alex de Tocqueville

“Every man is the creature of the age in which he lives; very few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time.” -Voltaire

Obvious to see where Tocqueville got his ideas from, understandably, considering that Voltaire was one of the greatest thinkers from France in the 18th Century and Tocqueville ended up writing one of the most influential books of 19th Century, “Democracy In America,” which is where that first quote comes from.

Glide with the stream of the crowd - you hear me say that a bunch, don’t you? That’s where I got it! And look at how many people have any type of Original Thoughts, they don’t, do they? It’s difficult to rise above the ideas of the time - we just glide with the stream of the crowd. Path of Least Resistance, right?

Well, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

Aren’t we Herd Animals?

Yes, we are! That’s why they call us Sheeple. The Problem with being a Herd Animal there’s Protection in the Herd as long as the Herd is going in the Right Direction. Our Problem is our Herd is Headed for a Cliff.

So this is when you don’t want to go the Path of Least Resistance. That’s how Nature works - we’re supposed to go that Direction - there’s supposed to be Protection in a Herd, but our Herd is Headed off a Cliff - our Ship is Heading for an Iceberg - that’s why my whole Channel is about the Trim Tabs out there trying to stir the Ship away from that Iceberg and keep the Herd from Running off the Cliff. We’re supposed to Follow the Path of Least Resistance, but Not right now - Not when we’re Heading the Wrong Direction.

And look, how did he say it, “hard to maintain alone an opinion abandoned by the rest.” Again, how many people have any Original Thoughts?

Tocqueville, interestingly, was born 27 years after Voltaire died, so it’s obvious Voltaire had a huge influence over this French Political Theorist and Socialist, Tocqueville. And he was sent over to America to evaluate our Prison Systems. 2:43 MM

2:54 MM
Interestingly, one of the first observations he made, one of the strangest things that he saw when he came over to America was ...

Would anyone like to guess what Tocqueville saw in America before they check out the video?

Would anyone like to finish transcribing the video for me?

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