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brighteon - 2 vids to share
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: March 31, 2021 10:18PM

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Re: brighteon - 2 vids to share
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: April 01, 2021 03:02AM

Oh my God I love her so much!

I’m talking about the second one. I’m watching the first one now. She’s cool too!

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Re: brighteon - 2 vids to share
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 01, 2021 01:29PM

Thanks fresh.

I really liked the first video because she comes out and says "there’s No Virus - there’s No Germ Theory - there’s No Contagion Theory" and she actually provides a great solution to help us deal with Fighting the Fines as per Ken Cousens who, interestingly, is Dr. Gabriel Cousens cousin - see my notes below.

I also like the second video, because she points out 2 of the 3 things that show this is a Hoax - that the PCR Test is Bogus and the Death Numbers are exaggerated, but she fails to point out the Contagion Myth and has NO Clue as to the Real Cause of Disease. However, the 2 things she points out are easier for the average person to accept, whereas, most people are going to really struggle with accepting the "No Virus, No Germ Theory and No Contagion Theory," although, this is the most important thing we need to understand!

Dr Amanda Vollmer on Covid19 - This is all some fat fcuk making up sh-it and telling you, you have to obey it.
19:11 Minute Video

Deception is Not True Consent
Published 2 months ago |
Dr. Amanda Vollmer: How to fight fines and grow a spine. She tells you what to say to them and be nice and shows you what to write on your ticket. Great video. You'll enjoy her frankness.

Do not let the censorship win. Do not let these creatures take us down. Share it everywhere.

JR’s Notes:

0:48 MM
What I’m here to actually bring you today are how to Fight the Fines because if you are awake and brave and true and understand that there’s No Virus, that there’s actually No Germ Theory, that there’s actually No Antibody Theory, that actually there’s No Contagion Theory, that all of that is bullocks, if you followed my work and understand it, which you can follow at Yummy.Doctor and you can watch my videos and learn some stuff, you’ll realize that the Lie has been going on for a very long time and the End Game is to Destroy Humanity. And here we are yet again, they’re moving the goal posts - they’re adding more Lock Down Restrictions - they’re Never going to give it up guys - they’re Never going to stop, so we’re either going to have to Fight Back or we’re going to have to use the Law to stop them, OK? 1:38 MM

2:27 MM
And I’ll talk more about how we do that, how we get out from under the Cult, these Lying, Corrupt, Disgusting Morons that seem to think they can just tell us what to do and break every Law that exists because that’s what they’re doing. Literally, everything that they are doing is Illegal. You must understand this. You do NOT need to Comply and if you have any Spine in your Body at all, you will Refuse to Comply with any of their Lock Down Measures. 2:57 MM

3:19 MM
So what you do, this is from Ken Cousens, and this is actually a technique you can use for all Common Wealth Countries, so if you are under the Bitch Queen and her Cronies through, you know, the Dark Lords that Rule over them, then you’ll be able to do this procedure.

So basically, this is not something that you need to accept because it’s a bunch of crap. So don’t take it seriously. Go drive whenever you want. There’s like a time restriction - do whatever you want. Be Free - accept the fact that this is a Hoax and that you have to Free yourself, OK? I’ve got lots of Information already. All of the evidence is out there. The statistics are showing very clearly there’s Nothing! There’s No Big Deaths. Nothing is going on. This is you normal regular Flu that has been remarketed into some Fakery. A bunch of crap in order to Destroy your Life and you’re accepting that? You are fine with that? What is Wrong with you people? 4:26 MM

5:54 MM
As per Ken Cousens’ procedure, what you do is you write in black ink RECESSION.

6:28 MM
Recession means Revocation, Cancellation or Repeal of a Law, Order or Agreement, OK? It’s Void from inception. You have 72 hours to send it back once you receive it, so don’t sit on it, OK? In red ink underneath that you write the date of the ticket so the date that they gave you that they wrote you the ticket you write that in red ink underneath and underneath that is your signature in blue ink. Don’t sign it where they want you to sign it or anything like that. 7:02 MM

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Re: brighteon - 2 vids to share
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: April 01, 2021 02:09PM

i think it may be Recission

and of course we have shared vollmer here months ago



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Re: brighteon - 2 vids to share
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 01, 2021 03:54PM

Thanks again and I think the legal spelling of this word is - Rescission - []
rescission noun
re·?scis·?sion | \ ri-?si-zh?n
Legal Definition of rescission

: the act, process, or fact of rescinding especially a contract specifically : the equitable judicial remedy of rescinding a contract in a suit brought by one of the parties

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