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Virus Variations or Mutations Explained
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 04, 2021 02:18PM

While I was checking out the Weather Forecast for today I had the misfortune of having to listen to some of the latest Virus/Vaccine Propaganda. Below are my notes from what I heard today followed by a snippet from my file on Virus Variations or Mutations.


#HTownRush on KHOU 11, 4-4-21, 7:00 AM

Now let’s turn to the latest with the Coronavirus. … Right now it is a race to get as many people Vaccinated as quickly as possible because another Strain of the Virus is rooting itself here in the U.S. Janelle Bludau Connects the Dots.

It is now looking like the UK Variant of COVID-19 is the predominant Strain in many parts of the U.S. So what does that mean? Let’s Connects the Dots. The CDC now says that the UK Variant accounts for 26% of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. The Variant, which was first discovered in the United Kingdom in September, did not appear in the U.S. until the very end of December. Now it is the predominate Strain in at least 5 regions with Florida having the most confirmed cases. This new data is not exactly shocking for Health Officials. The UK Variant is believed to be much more Contagious than the Original Virus with some estimating it is 50 to 90% more Transmissible. Now research in the British Medical Journal has found the UK Variant comes with a greater risk of Death something researchers had expected, but were waiting on the data. Now US Health Officials are in a race between Vaccines and this Variant. If we can get Herd Immunity against Coronavirus, it can slow the spread of the UK Variant even if it is more Contagious and potentially more deadly. Some Experts are now predicting that could happen by summertime. Connecting the Dots, I’m Janelle Bludau KHOU 11 News.

Now here's my snippet from my File Preview on Virus Variations or Mutations.

...File Preview...
The science of mRNA vacations [Vaccinations]
51:58 Minute Video
This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service. @ 1-30-21
[] NG
Jan 15, 2021
Dr. Tom Cowan

JR’s Notes:
• 27:11 MM
• What does it mean, so people say to me something like, Tom, if you say they haven’t found the Virus, how come they now find Mutations of this Virus, some of which are considered to be more Deadly, more Transmittable, Less Deadly or who knows? So how is that possible if there hasn’t been a Virus isolated that you can find different Variations or Mutations of the Virus?
• Now it’s actually very simple, as I’ve explained many times. The way that this so-called Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 is found, the same way all of the other RNA Viruses have been discovered is they take an Unpurified Sample from a person who’s Sick, sometimes in a non-specific, sometimes in a specific way, or they take a previously Cultured Laboratory Sample, sometimes they start with an actual person, sometimes they start with a Laboratory Culture. So they don’t Purify it, they don’t Isolate anything, they Inoculate this on to Tissue, they Starve and Poison the Tissue, the Tissue breaks down into Thousands, maybe Millions of different Genetic Particles or Particles that have Genetic Pieces in them and then, they use the PCR Technology with Primers to look for certain snippets of this Genetic Rue. And they find some and then, they put that in a Computer Model, a Computer Program, sorry, and they do something called Alignment. 29:03 MM
• 29:03 MM
• And again, to understand this, it’s very similar to if your goal is to make an exact Copy of a Lego Castle and you find a few Pieces of it and then, you put it into the Computer Program and it generates the entire Castle. Now you can imagine that depending on the Alignment and depending on how you Program the Computer that everybody will come up with a slightly different Castle because it turns out the Castle doesn’t exist in the first place. And so you can’t make an exact Copy of something you Never found and have Isolated in the first place, which is why at last count, I think there’s a reported 6,000 different Variations of this particular Virus because just like there’s 6,000 different Variations of this Castle or Unicorns because nobody has seen the actual Real Unicorn or Castle. And one of the ways of thinking about this and why they’re called Silico Genome of a Silico Virus, which means it’s a Computer Generated in Silica, so to speak, a Theoretical Virus is whenever you have Theoretical Products, you call them Models. And so you end up with Competing Models, which are called different Genetic Variations with different Mutations because you look for a different Primer Sequence. So you found it because pretty much all the Sequences will be there if you turn the PCR Cycles up and up and then, you put that in the Computer and it Generates a different “Virus.” 30:58 MM
• 30:58 MM
• And to think about this, there are, you know, last count, I think 800 or so different Variations or maybe it was 89 different Variations of the HIV Virus, there’s over 6,000 of the Coronavirus and anybody want to guess how many different Variations there are of a Schnauzer Dog. And for those of you who guessed there’s 1, you would be correct because everybody knows what a Schnauzer Dog looks like because they’ve seen it. And since nobody has seen a HIV or a Coronavirus, they have to make up different Models and everybody has a different Model so you get 6,000 different Models. And so, this is just another aspect of the Failure of Science, really, and the Isolation and Characterization of the Virus. 31:54 MM

...End of File Preview...

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Re: Virus Variations or Mutations Explained
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: April 04, 2021 05:41PM

or as vollmer says, the "variations" are just each person's body creating the "viruses" in different forms during cleansing/stress

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Re: Virus Variations or Mutations Explained
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: April 07, 2021 03:03PM

I'm watching the Tom Cohen video gradually because I can't take too much scientific/medical/technical talk at once, but I'm glad we have so many experts explaining it to we laypersons.

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