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Wastewater Breach in Florida
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: April 05, 2021 07:59PM

I heard this was radioactive water, but now they're saying it's not radioactive.

"Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in Manatee County on Saturday as officials fear an “imminent” collapse at the old Piney Point phosphate plant could release a rush of polluted water into the surrounding area — and then into Tampa Bay itself."

Is this water radioactive or toxic and would it get into the public water system in the area - even though another article said:

Will local drinking water be affected by the issues at Piney Point?
One of the most frequent questions from nearby residents has been: "How does this affect our drinking water?"

Manatee County issued a special press release on Sunday, assuring that the drinking water is "completely safe to drink."

"The water distribution system is a closed system without any way for flood water to enter." said County Commission Chairman.

Possible new breach identified at Piney Point as wastewater leak continues


Manatee County officials and Congressman Vern Buchanan briefed the media. “To see the water spewing out, it looked very contaminated to me,” Buchanan said.



Here's a one-minute video explaining these Toxic 81 phosphogypsum stacks we have in the US -

People Protecting the Peace River

We are petitioning the EPA to federally regulate phosphogypsum, a radioactive toxic waste produced from phosphate strip mining which processes phosphate to mainly create fertilizer.


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Re: Wastewater Breach in Florida
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: April 07, 2021 02:51PM

Oh, that's great - the toxic water is being poured into Tampa Bay in a controlled measure instead of all at once. So no problem eye rolling smiley

Evacuation over as officials say risk of Piney Point catastrophe has lowered

The state says 165 million gallons of wastewater have flowed into Tampa Bay.


Evacuation orders ended late Tuesday around a leaking wastewater pond at the old Piney Point phosphate plant as officials said the risk of an immediate crisis had dropped substantially.

Ecological concerns for Tampa Bay, meanwhile, continued to come into focus. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection estimated that 165 million gallons of wastewater have been released into the deep channel at Port Manatee on Tampa Bay.

There are about 300 million gallons remaining in the leaking reservoir, the state said, compared to approximately 480 million gallons before the releases began.

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