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Fact Checking Covid Narratives
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: July 22, 2021 05:55PM

Most people have heard this statistic:

99% of Hospitalized COVID Patients are Unvaccinated

Well, come to find out ...


May 13, 2021 -- A new study found that more than 99% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 during the first four months of 2021 weren’t fully vaccinated.

Among the 4,300 COVID-19 patients admitted to Cleveland Clinic hospitals between Jan. 1 and April 13, 99.75% were not fully vaccinated.

Ohio opened vaccine eligibility to adults over age 80 in mid-January, the news outlet reported. As of March 29, ages 16 and older can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.


So, to break this down -

It looks like Ages 16 and older were not receiving the vaccine until MARCH 29th!

So the relevant time period of this Study is the first two weeks in April!

By April 13th, 99% of Covid hospitalizations at Cleveland Clinic Hospitals were not FULLY vaccinated. The Operative word is FULLY - meaning both vaccinations.

So from January 1st to April 13th, 99% of Covid hospitalizations at Cleveland Clinic Hospitals had not had BOTH VACCINES, because the vaccine was not available until March 29th!

Big friggin' whoop!

Yet this statistic - "99% of Covid Hospitalizations are the Unvaccinated" is bandied about by The Other Side - The Vaxxers - as if it's a current occurrence. angry smiley

1. Misrepresenting this statistic as if it's current.

2. Labeling those who only had one vaccine as 'unvaccinated'.

3. The 'finding' of 99% represents four months, when the vaccine was only available for the last two weeks of the four months.

To throw that statistic out as a fact now is a misrepresentation. It's insignificant, not timely.

Another False Narrative of The Other Side!

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Re: Fact Checking Covid Narratives
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: September 25, 2021 01:23AM


I FACT-CHECKED the above NARRATIVE of THE VAXXERS way back in JULY, and I broke it here on the board!


Reminder that the still declared as "Fact" -

"99% of Hospitalized COVID Patients are Unvaccinated"

is in fact A LIE!

Researched by ME thumbs down

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