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The PCR Test Swabs - are they ok?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: September 10, 2021 05:22PM

If anyone has any information about the test swabs, I'd appreciate it. I've never been tested but my daughters have. My daughter in CA's husband travels for his job, and he's supposed to go to France in October. They're not vaccinated, thank god, but got the test to go to Hawaii a while back. They were going to be able to go to France, even though they're not vaccinated, and just get the test before the trip. But she just told me that now only the vaccinated can go, so she's not going and she doesn't think her husband will get the vaccine so he can go.

So anyway, I didn't want to talk to her before about how 'bad' the test swabs are, but when she gets over being upset that they can't go, I want to tell her about it. But, I'm not very well informed. eye rolling smiley

Does anyone have any articles or videos, etc., about why the test swabs are bad. I did see a couple of short videos awhile back that showed like nanoparticles or whatever it was in the swabs, and the La Quina guys said the masks and swabs have graphene oxide nanoparticles in them. But anyway, is there more information about them out there that anybody knows of?

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Re: The PCR Test Swabs - are they ok?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: September 17, 2021 08:20PM

Just heard today that my grandchild's school is testing kids for Covid! He's only in Kindergarten! It's bad enough he has to wear a mask all day! My daughter said there's a kid in his class that 'tested positive' for Covid. She said my grandboy just has a cold now and she didn't get him tested because she thinks it's just a cold.

Thank god she didn't get him tested and I told her that, but I didn't ask any more questions about it - by text. I'll find out when I go there what's going on with the testing at their school. I hesitate to tell her that The PCR Test has The Vaccine or Graphene Oxide or whatever on it, because she's good with believing The Vaccine is Bad, but she only goes so far with the Covid thing, and that we're in a Plandemic, etc. sad smiley

Makes me so mad what they're doing to Children by Tyranny in the name of this Fraudulent 'Pandemic' that's not a Pandemic.

I'd love some more information on what's on the Test Swabs. 'They' sure love using them.

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