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The Germ Theory Debunked & the Contagion Myth Exposed by Dr. Russell Trall...
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: October 06, 2021 12:29AM

Every doctor and everyone who believes in the Germ Theory/Contagion Myth and/or has faith in our Medical System needs to read Dr. Russell T. Trall's Speech he gave in 1862 at the Smithsonian Institution. I've only included a few snippets from his Speech below, but it should be read in its entirety because things have NOT changed for thousands of years and they NEVER will until our current doctors Wake Up to what's going on. They should also read Eustace Mullins' book Murder by Injection, especially the forward, which I'll include below after my snippets from Trall's Speech.

The Powers that Be have been using doctors for millennium to Control the Masses as is illustrated in Rev. 18:23 ..."For by sorceries (drugs/chemicals - black magic) were all nations deceived."

Reprinted 1880.


A FEW words in explanation of the circumstances under which the following address was delivered, and which induced me to visit Washington, are necessary to the elucidation of the text. While on my homeward journey from a lecturing tour to the West, it seemed to me that an opportunity presented for introducing the subject of the True Healing Art in the National Capital which would probably never again occur, and in a manner which must more or less attract the attention of men of position and influence. My resolution was soon taken, and the difficulties and the result of the enterprise I copy from a statement published in the March number of the WATER-CURE JOURNAL.


The soldiers of our camps and hospitals were dying off fast of typhoid fever, pneumonia, measles, dysentery, etc., and quite unnecessarily. I knew that the application of our system of hygienic medication would save most of their lives. I was well advised that there were surgeons of our school in the army who gave no drug medicines in these diseases, and who lost no patients. Also I was in correspondence with nurses who had attended our school, who were saving the lives of all the sick soldiers in their hands by putting aside the drugs and nursing them properly. The subject of the best or most successful treatment of the diseases of our officers and soldiers in the field being of national importance, it seemed to me that I could present the merits of our school versus the drug school, in high places, so as to be heard by the dignitaries of the land, and through them by the civilized world.



I am very thankful, Mr. President, for this introduction, and especially for this disclaimer. It is what I am accustomed to, and it makes me feel at home. It assures me that I am indeed "free and independent," as I desire to be; that I am privileged to select my own theme, and that I can speak on my own responsibility of my own peculiar "isms" or "ologies," without compromising any association, and without involving any individual, because of my utterances.

And I am very grateful, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the members of the Washington Lecture Association, for having prepared the way for free discussion in this place; even for the presentation of the most radical subject that can be named--the ne plus ultra of ultraism; and, moreover, for the first appearance, on this stage, of the most unpopular speaker who could be introduced on this platform; for I have been so long contending against what I deem to be popular errors, that I am now as unpopular as it is possible to be. I have nothing more to lose, and am, therefore, thoroughly free, and can afford to be honest, and to keep a conscience, knowing that any change which occurs henceforward must be in the direction of popularity.

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the physicians of one School to dissolve the fraternal and philosophic bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the institutions of the earth, the position to which Truth and Nature entitle them, as free thinkers and independent actors, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind, and a conscientious regard for the welfare of the human race, should prompt them to declare the causes which impel them to a separation.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, or, at least, susceptible of positive proof and absolute demonstration that the doctrines and theories commonly entertained among men, and taught in medical schools and books, and practiced by the great body of the medical profession, and which constitute the so-called "Science of Medicine," and on which the popular practice of the so-called "Healing Art" is predicated, are untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to Nature, and in direct conflict with every law of the vital organism; and that these are the reasons, and the only reasons, why medical science does not progress as do all other sciences; why success in the healing art bears no relation to the advancement of all of the collateral sciences, and to the progress of intelligence among mankind; why medical theories are ever changing; why all of its assumed principles are in controversy; its hypotheses in dispute; why its fundamental rules and primary premises are wholly overlooked or misunderstood; and why its application to the cure of disease and the preservation of health is so uncertain, so dangerous, often so fatal, and, on the whole, so vastly more injurious than useful to the world.

And I claim, on the other hand, to have ascertained the true premises of medical science, which discovery enables me to explain all of its hitherto mysterious problems, even those problems which have ever baffled the investigations of medical men, and which are to this day regarded by the standard authors and living teachers as without the pale of human comprehension, to wit: The Essential Nature of Disease, and the Modus Operandi of Medicines; and thereon to predicate a philosophy and a practice of medicine which is correct in science, in harmony with all of the Laws of Nature, in agreement with every structure and function of the living system, and successful when applied to the prevention or cure of disease.

I am about to prove the falsity of the popular medical systems—
1. By facts universally admitted
2. By the testimony of its advocates
3. By the testimony of its opponents
4. By the Laws of Nature
5. By argument and logic
6. By all the data of science applicable to the subject.

JR Insert on 3-26-20…
Let’s rearrange Trall’s Proving the Falsity of our Current Medical System.

I am about to prove the falsity of the popular medical systems—

1. By the testimony of its advocates
2. By the testimony of its opponents
3. By argument and logic
4. By all the data of science applicable to the subject.
5. By facts universally admitted
6. By the Laws of Nature

1. By the testimony of
....A. its advocates
....B. its opponents
2. By argument and logic
....A. By all the data of science applicable to the subject.
........A. By facts universally admitted
............A. By the Laws of Nature
End of JR Insert on 3-26-20.

These are bold, plain, sweeping assertions--radical, aggressive, revolutionary. But I mean all that my words import, in their strictest literality and in their broadest implications. It is for those who hear me to judge for themselves whether I make these allegations good. But I do now and here, as everywhere, most respectfully, yet most unreservedly, challenge the whole scientific world to meet the issues which I shall present.


I charge, and shall undertake to prove--nay, I shall prove, for it is true, and I have the evidence--that the regular medical profession, in all of its standard authorities, text-books and schools, and in all its current periodicals, and in all of its floating literature, and in all its history, and in all the lectures of its living authors, teaches--
1. A False Doctrine of the Nature of Disease.
2. A False Doctrine of the Action of Remedies.
3. A False Theory of Vitality.
4. A False Theory of the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.
5. A False Doctrine of the Relations of the Disease and the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.
6. A False Doctrine of the Relations of Remedies to Diseases.
7. A False Doctrine of the Relation of Disease to the Vital Functions.
8. A False Doctrine of the Relations of Remedies to the Healthy Structures.
9. A False Theory of the Relations of Organic and Inorganic Matter.
10. A False Doctrine of Diseases in Relation to their Causes and Effects.
11. A False Doctrine of the Law of Cure.
12. A False Doctrine of the Nature and Source of Remedies.


I have myself, during the sixteen years that I have practiced the Hygienic Medical System, treated all forms and hundreds of cases of typhus and typhoid fevers, pneumonia, measles, and dysentery and have not lost a patient of either one of these diseases. And the same is true of scarlet and other fevers. And several of the graduates of my school have treated these cases for years, and none of them, so far as I know or have heard, have ever lost a patient when they were called in the first instance, and no medicine whatever had been given.


But let me finish the testimony. I said I would prove the popular medical system to be false by the testimony of its advocates. I have already done this indirectly. I will now do it directly. I could give you a volume of quotations similar to those I have thus far adduced; but I have one piece of evidence, which covers the whole ground. It is conclusive in itself in the absence of all other testimony, for it is the best the nature of the case admits of. And this is precisely the kind of evidence that lawyers and judges and juries can best appreciate. It is the Medical Profession of the United States vs. Itself. The medical profession of the United States has arraigned its own system as false in theory and fatal in practice. And it only devolves on me to prove and illustrate what they allege.


Certain forms of diseases--measles, smallpox, scarlet fever, etc., are said by certain modern authors to be "self-limited"; and medical journals are still discussing the questions, "Where is the seat of fever?" "Is typhoid fever a blood-disease or a nervous affection?



The Foreword to "MURDER BY INJECTION" by EUSTACE MULLINS should be mandatory reading for every person on this planet!

The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America

The National Council for Medical Research
P.O. Box 1105
Staunton, Virginia 24401

The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America
First Edition
Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 88-060694
Copyright © 1988
Eustace Mullins

1. The Medical Monopoly 1
2. Quacks on Quackery 13
3. The Profits of Cancer 59
4. Death and Vaccination 129
5. The Fluoridation Conspiracy .148
6. Whither AIDS 169
7. The Action of Fertilizers 187
8. Contamination of the Food Supply 204
9. The Drug Trust 226
10. The Rockefeller Syndicate 310


The present work, the result of some forty years of investigative research, is a logical progression from my previous books: the expose of the international control of monetary issue and banking practices in the United States; a later work revealing the secret network of organizations through which these alien forces wield political power—the secret committees, foundations, and political parties through which their hidden plans are implemented; and now; to the most vital issue of all, the manner in which these depredations affect the daily lives and health of American citizens. Despite the great power of the hidden rulers, I found that only one group has the power to issue life or death sentences to any American—our nation's physicians.

I discovered that these physicians, despite their great power, were themselves subjected to very strict controls over every aspect of their professional lives. These controls, surprisingly enough, were not wielded by any state or federal agency, although almost every other aspect of American life is now under the absolute control of the bureaucracy. The physicians have their own autocracy, a private trade association, the American Medical Association. This group, which is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, had gradually built up its power until it assumed total control over medical schools and the accreditation of physicians.

The trail of these manipulators led me straight to the same lairs of the international conspirators whom I had exposed in previous books. I knew that they had already looted America, reduced its military power to a dangerously low level, and imposed bureaucratic controls on every American. I now discovered that their conspiracies also directly affected the health of every American. This conspiracy has resulted in a documented decline in the health of our citizens. We now rank far down the list of civilized nations in infant mortality and other significant medical statistics. I was able to document the shocking record of these cold-blooded tycoons who not only plan and carry out famines, economic depressions, revolutions and wars, but who also find their greatest profits in their manipulations of our medical care. The cynicism and malice of these conspirators is something beyond the imagination of most Americans. They deliberately mulct our people of millions of dollars each year through "charitable" organizations and then use these same organizations as key groups to bolster their Medical Monopoly. Fear and intimidation are the basic techniques by which the conspirators maintain their control over all aspects of our health care, as they ruthlessly crush any competitor who challenges their profits. As in other aspects of their "behavioural control" over the American people, their most constantly used weapon against us is their employment of federal agents and federal agencies to carry out their intrigues. The proof of this operation may be the most disturbing revelation of my work.

Eustace Mullins
February 22, 1988

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