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Illegal Immigration
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: October 11, 2021 09:34PM

Of course, they're Exempt from getting Vaccinated. And they're bringing in TB and other diseases, but that's OK ...

I draw the line at Killers, Rapists, Gang Members, Drug Cartels, and Criminals of all stripes.

But not The Left ...

Biden Exempts Some Crimes by Illegal Immigrants as Basis for Deportation


Federal immigration officials no longer will view unlawful entry into the country as the sole basis for detaining and deporting illegal immigrants, under a new Biden administration policy.

The policy will limit deportation to what immigraion officials call aggravated felons, such as violent gang members and others who commit violent crimes.

Critics of President Joe Biden’s new policy as stated by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas note that it will allow those who commit domestic violence, drunk drivers, and others convicted of crimes to stay in America—amid an ongoing border crisis.

“The guidelines mean three things. First, the Biden administration is violating most of the Immigration and Naturalization Act,” Arthur said. “Second, this gives a free pass to the majority of criminal aliens in the country. Third, the default position is that if you enter the U.S. illegally, you get to stay permanently.”

Arthur said he also is concerned about a part of the Mayorkas memo regarding domestic violence. That section reads:

The broader public interest is also material in determining whether to take enforcement action. For example, a categorical determination that a domestic violence offense compels apprehension and removal could make victims of domestic violence more reluctant to report the offense conduct. The specific facts of a case should be determinative.

The new policy almost certainly will make it less likely that domestic violence offenders will be removed from the country, Arthur contends.

“This is going to turn the United States into a sanctuary city for domestic violence,” he said.

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