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Lemons activate fat burning genes
Posted by: Panchito ()
Date: May 22, 2022 07:55PM


The present results showed that the feeding of lemon polyphenols is beneficial for the suppression of diet-induced obesity, and the improvement of insulin resistance and lipid metabolism.

In this study, dietary supplementation with lemon polyphenols significantly up-regulated the mRNA level of PPARa in the liver, in comparison with those of not only the HF group but the LF group. These results indicate that the naturally occurring lemon polyphenols may also be a natural ligand/activator of PPARa, thereby up-regulating the expression of downstream genes involved in fatty acid oxidation. Considering the absorption and behavior of eriocitrin and hesperidin, the main flavonoids of lemon fruits [26], it appears reasonable that they could be a natural ligand/activator of PPARa in the liver. Previous studies on the metabolism of eriocitrin and hesperidin have demonstrated that ingested eriocitrin and hesperidin were hydrolyzed by ß-glucosidase before being absorbed from intestinal microflora [25, 30, 31], and mainly metabolized to the glucuronide conjugate in the intestinal tissue and liver [25, 32], suggesting that the liver is susceptible to dietary lemon polypnenols. On the other hand, the mRNA level of FAS was not altered by lemon polyphenols, which may mean that the stimulation of fatty acid oxidation, rather than the suppression of lipogenesis, is the predominant contribution that lemon polyphenols make.

We demonstrated that lemon polyphenols increased the level of ACO mRNA, the enzyme involved in peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation, both in the liver and WAT.

In conclusion, we suggest in the present study that the supplementation with lemon polyphenols suppressed body weight gain and body fat accumulation by increasing the peroxisomal ß-oxidation, which was likely mediated via up-regulation of the mRNA levels of PPARa in the liver. In addition, the levels of serum insulin, glucose and leptin were significantly improved by lemon polyphenols, thereby improving the insulin resistance. We suggest that a supplementation with lemon polyphenols may prevent or improve obesity and insulin resistance by modulating lipid metabolism and preventing metabolic syndrome as a representative, lifestyle-related cluster of diseases caused by an excessively high fat diet.

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Re: Lemons activate fat burning genes
Posted by: Ifeelgood ()
Date: June 15, 2022 07:09PM

Ha, ha so this is the science behind the Lemonade Diet/Master Cleanse.

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