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Fat is a multiple role gland
Posted by: Panchito ()
Date: June 01, 2022 09:41PM


Originally considered as simply a storage organ for triacylglycerol, interest in the biology of adipose tissue has increased substantially. This tissue is no longer considered to be an inert tissue that just stores fat [1].

Through the discovery of the ability to secrete hormones, great importance has been attributed to the role of adipose tissue [3].

White adipose tissue may represent the largest endocrine tissue of humans. Its pleiotropic nature is based on the ability of fat cells to secrete numerous hormones, growth factors, enzymes, cytokines, complement factors and matrix proteins.

signals that influence the response of many tissues, including hypothalamus, pancreas, liver, skeletal muscle, kidneys, endothelium, and the immune system, among others.

Leptin Signals to the brain about body fat stores. Regulation of appetite and energy expenditure. Wide variety of physiological functions

Adiponectin Plays a protective role in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Resistin Hypothetical role in insulin resistance

TNF-a Affects insulin receptor signaling, possible cause of the development of insulin resistance in obesity

IL-6 Pro-inflammatory, lipid and glucose metabolism, regulation of body weight

PAI-1 Inhibitor of the fibrinolytic system by inhibition of activation of plasminogen

Angiotensinogen Precursor of angiotensin II; regulator of blood pressure and electrolyte homeostasis

FFA Oxidized in tissues to produce local energy. Serve as a substrate for triglyceride and structural molecular synthesis. Involved in the development of insulin resistance

ASP Influences the rate of triacylglycerol synthesis in adipose tissue

VEGF Stimulation of angiogenesis

Adipsin Potential relation between the complement pathway and adipose tissue metabolism

Glycerol Structural component of the major classes of biological lipids and gluconeogenic precursor

IGF-1 Stimulates proliferation of a wide variety of cells and mediates many cells and many of the effects of growth hormone

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