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reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: anna_elle ()
Date: March 31, 2007 11:53AM

My husband was diagnosed with second stage prostate cancer in January. Since then he has increased the amount of raw and living food that he eats. He is also taking various supplements and has quit dairy. Has anyone experienced a reversal of cancer on a raw food diet?

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Wheatgrass Yogi ()
Date: March 31, 2007 12:02PM

No, buts it only makes sense. Include some Wheatgrass Juice if you can. If he 'gags' at first, his body is still Toxic and Acid. When he can start taking it, he's on the road to recovery.......WY

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Bryan ()
Date: March 31, 2007 12:43PM

Here is a testimony from someone who healed from prostate cancer:Health and Survival in the 21st Century. Search for "prostate cancer" in this article.

Supervised water fasting will help with prostate problems. Shelton wrote about this in "Fasting Can Save Your Life" and his other fasting books. I know a person who had severe inflammation of the prostate for which no treatment worked, but water fasting cleared up the inflammation after 2 weeks. Prostate issues are symptoms of lifestyle, and while a water fast may clear up the symptom, if the person returns to their old lifestyle, the symptoms will return.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: learningtofly ()
Date: March 31, 2007 01:00PM

The late Dr. Max Gerson was an expert in the healing of cancer with an organic, raw food-based diet. He was the author of "A Cancer Therapy -- Results of 50 Cases." You can read more about the Gerson Therapy here:


IMO the body of a cancer-challenged person is TOO TOXIC for a fast and it may do more harm than good. Much wiser for the very sick person IMO to use an all raw, light, fruit and vegetable diet to heal and detoxify the body (as the person in the testimonial cited by Bryan above did); this is a slower but safer way to get to the same place.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: happyway ()
Date: March 31, 2007 04:05PM

you may want to

watch the Dean Ornish MD: Atkins Diet 24 min video , at


near the end he talks about prostate cancer and vegan diet

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: anna_elle ()
Date: April 01, 2007 02:47AM

Thanks for all the information and suggestions everyone. Cancer is such a scary thing.

Wheatgrass Yogi, it is interesting that you should mention acidity because for the last couple of weeks my husband's PH level has been 5.8 whereas only last December it was 6.6. Your suggestion to consume wheat grass has inspired him to do just that. =)

Bryan, my hubby is going to read the material you suggested about water fasting and research that healing option before pursuing it. When you talk about returning to the "old lifestyle" are you referring to cooked foods?

It is sure nice to be able to write about my husband's health here and know we'll get supportive and thought provoking reponses.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Joe Gray ()
Date: April 01, 2007 05:54AM

Don't follow Ross Horne's dietary regime.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: VeganLife ()
Date: April 01, 2007 07:45AM

I had to put my dog down because he had insulinoma (cancer of the pancreas). The medication given to him made him suffer so we had to put him down. I wish I had known about raw foods before he got the cancer, I might have been able to help him.
Does anyone know what kind of raw foods help the pancreas the most?

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: anna_elle ()
Date: April 02, 2007 12:38AM

Wheatgrass, we were wondering how much wheatgrass juice you recommend taking daily? Thanks.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: mjhednrik ()
Date: April 02, 2007 04:20PM

Hello everyone,


I have some input in this issue that may help in this case.
I found for a while ago an interesting article about cure that is quite easy to prepare youself.

Take a look of the link below. Mayby thats something additional with raw foods you are looking for.


Fortuna Fortunatus

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: learningtofly ()
Date: April 02, 2007 07:35PM

Joe Gray Wrote:
> Don't follow Ross Horne's dietary regime.

Why do you say that?


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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 03, 2007 02:02AM

Ross Horne died of prostate cancer.

There used to be a testimonial on the internet where 1 guy reversed his prostate cancer by eating 25 grams daily of flaxseeds.

Useful prostate friendly foods
chlorophyll - in wheatgrass and other green leafy vegies
lycopene - e.g tomatoes
pau d'arco tea
pumpkin seeds/pepitas

Avoid red meat, dairy, beer ( increases prolactin which is bad )

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: learningtofly ()
Date: April 03, 2007 11:02AM

lettuce Wrote:
> Ross Horne died of prostate cancer.

Lettuce, do you have any more info on this? This is so hard to understand as Ross Horne's books were brilliant and he seemed to have such a thorough understanding of cancer.

I did hear he was in a bad car accident a few years before his death.


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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Harmony ()
Date: April 03, 2007 04:40PM


You and your DH may be interested in the following article written by Dr. Vivian V Vetrano, who studied under Dr. Herbert Shelton. It's long, but worth the read. Great information to have! It was printed in Living Nutrition magazine (Vol 14 or 13). My Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, but unfortunately wanted to go along with the conventional docs and treatments instead, which caused her much suffering. Best wishes to you both!


Can Cancer Be "Cured" By Hygienic
by Dr. V. Virginia Vetrano, D.C., hM.D. Ph.D.
At one time, cancer was predominantly a disease of old age, but now it can be found at
any age, in any organ in the body. Nevertheless, having cancer in the family does not
necessarily mean that you will develop it, and a diagnosis of cancer does not necessarily
mean that you cannot get well.
The Hygienic Definition Of Cancer
Hygienic doctors have a different definition of true "cancer" than that of the medical
profession. (A Hygienic Doctor is one who has had training in a professional recognized
school of any of the healing arts, be it medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy,
or osteopathy, and who has thoroughly studied Hygienic literature, or who has taken the
Life Science course and has interned at a Hygienic institution for at least six months,
preferably for a year.) Cancer was not considered by early hygienists as genuine until the
patient was cachectic, a condition of general wasting away from malnutrition which is
usually associated with chronic disease, particularly cancer. Cachexia involves a slowly
developing process of chronic septic poisoning, which is caused by masses of cells that
are packed so closely together that the arterioles and capillaries feeding the cells are
flattened and impede both nutrition and drainage. Being deprived of nutrients and
oxygen, the cells ultimately degenerate and die. The poisons generated by the dying cells
cause a general septic poisoning, cachexia. If the poisoning is serious and of sufficient
duration, it results in death. The cachectic stage is usually irreversible.
Can Cancer Be "Cured" By Using Only Hygienic Methods?
The answer is a definite yes. Hygiene should be the first resort and not the last.
Unfortunately, by the time cancer sufferers reach a Doctor of Natural Hygiene they are in
the cachectic stage. Additionally, they have been frightened by the diagnosis of cancer
and most have already submitted to harmful medical treatments. All tumors, including
those labeled cancer, even though hardened and spread out, can be self-digested
(autolyzed) while fasting or on very strict dietary regimens. Tumors will not regrow if
the health seeker supplies all the conditions of health, and avoids as many causes of
disease as humanly possible.
Natural Hygienists realize that the body can reverse most pathologies and that the body is
acting upright, correctly. Orthopathically, in all states of disease, a tumor, even when it
is labeled "cancer", is reversible. It takes many years before it becomes malignant.
The Useful Purpose of Tumors
The stance of Natural Hygiene is that a tumor serves a useful purpose in the body. Cells
reproduce and pile up in one place as a defensive measure because of chronic irritation. It
is a means of protecting the underlying tissues from any irritant, similar to the formation
of a callus. Chronic irritation from many substances, including your own metabolic
wastes in excess, can result in the formation of protective masses. The way to prevent
cancer is to avoid all irritants.
The Evolution of Cancer
The evolution of cancer is marked by seven stages that Hygienic doctors recognized
years ago. They are:
1. Enervation (lowered nerve energy)
2. Intoxication (an excess ofendogenous and exogenous toxins)
3. Irritation (of tissues)
4. Inflammation, (heat, redness, swelling, pain, and impaired function)
5. Induration (hardening)
6. Ulceration
7. Fungation (cancer).
The term "fungation" is used because at that stage cancer resembles a fungus, spreading
out in all directions from the initial lump, whether small or large. Stages five and six are
considered pre-cancerous. Stage seven is considered early cancer. Yet in this stage it is
still amenable to Hygienic care. That is what is so marvelous! Even though the tumor
has spread and lymph nodes have become involved, it is still easily absorbed by the
body while fasting.
The medical profession is not familiar with the long term evolution of any pathology so
they stage diseases differently from Hygienists. Medical pathologists stage cancer by
microsocpic and macroscopic examinations of the lump and surrounding tissues. Many
mistakes can be made by these methods and many lumps diagnosed as cancer are still
pre-cancerous. It does not become genuine, irreversible cancer until after the 7th
stage, called fungation. Since conventional medicine doesn't recognize the
evolutionary stages of any disease they are unaware that it is reversible as well as its
true cause.
Medical pathologists stage cancerous masses into several groups depending upon the
types of cells found, plus other microscopic and macroscopic factors. For instance, if a
cancer is "in situ," meaning that it is merely a local mass or lump in only one organ, and
has no enlarged lymph nodes, it is still in stage one. Stage two, where the lymph nodes
are involved, initiates the process of irreversibility.
Stages III and IV cancers have greater degrees of pathological involvement and a less
hopeful recovery. In the medical approach, the identification of these stages is necessary for physicians to determine the extent of the tumor and how to approach its treatment. It
is also a means of ascertaining a prognosis. "Does this patient have a chance?" Physicians
rightly do not want to saddle the patient with a diagnosis of cancer unless this is fairly
Medical Treatment Does Not Support Health
In the medical paradigm, successful treatment of cancer requires the extermination of all
cancer cells at the primary site, as well as at distant sites if metastases have occurred.
Regular physicians try their best to destroy all the cancer cells, but this is
impossible. Only our living body cells know the difference between a cancer cell and
a normal cell. No medical treatment in vogue can succeed in killing only abnormal
The principal medical weapons used for the eradication of cancer cells are surgery,
radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is very destructive of the Immune
System. When the lymphocytes, killer cells, phagocytic leukocytes and monocytes
have been greatly diminished in number by chemotherapy, they no longer have the
collective power to destroy the abnormal cancer cells, which grow unchecked
because the body's defense system has been disabled.
Rarely is only one type of weapon used; frequently a combination of two or three
are relied upon. Combining the lethal assaults of each of the above therapies is
called "multimodality therapy." All the treatments, even given separately, are
destructive of bodily tissues other than the targeted cancer, injuring both the brain
and our Defense Mechanisms. Furthermore, when one series of single or multimodality
treatments does not bring about resmission, three or even four series of chemotherapy or
radiation therapy is often the next step.
Hygienic Care: Tapping Into Our Innate Healing Intelligence
By adhering to physiological laws, Natural Hygienists encourage the innate intelligence
of the human body to root out all abnormal cells. The body is equipped with numerous
specialized cells whose job it is to seek out and destroy all foreign substances, as well as
abnormal cells. This is specific microscopic self-preservation which takes place routinely
in healthy people. The body is lavishly equipped to destroy all cells with faulty proteins
in their cell membranes, and even those within the cell and its nucleus. The body knows
exactly which cells have changed from normal to abnormal because these are easily
recognized by our Guardian cells. This marvelous organism of ours even proofreads and
corrects its faulty DNA. The surgeon's knife can't do that; neither can radiation,
chemotherapy, or any other treatment. Only the living organism has that wondrous
power. It is divine "vision" at its best
In helping someone to become well, first and foremost the Hygienic doctor will search
for all causes of disease in the Health Seeker's life and teach him/her:
1. How to eliminate them
2. How to supply the conditions of health so the body can resume its normal selfprotecting
By complying with Nature's Laws, one lives longer than those who resort to the killing
methods, which generally gives a certain percentage of people in any of the stages of
cancer, including stage one, only a five year survival time. Fasting at stage one provides
for complete recovery in 100 percent of cases. Fasting (water only) is the quickest
and surest way to autolyze all abnormal growths. The body digests the tumor while
fasting, using the nutrients in the tumor for food, and at the same time rejects and
eliminates all the unusable substances in the tumor.
Whether or not an individual with Stages III and IV cancer will recover is
questionable, mainly because the person has usually had medical treatment by this
time. A person is more likely to recover by Hygienic means even though the cancer
may be highly malignant, if medical treatment has not taken place. Even if the
cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes and they are thus swollen with
multiplying cancer cells, the body is generally still able to autolyze them while
fasting. Yet, in spite of prior medical treatment, some people still get well with
Hygienic care. Hygiene is far superior to medicine because even if the case is hopelessly
advanced, the adoption of the Hygienic lifestyle can prolong life by many years.
I've cared for a significant number of people whose tumors were in the "irreversible"
stage of cancer and have found that with few exceptions, they can extend their lives for
years by fasting at least once a year for two weeks or more; living strictly on raw fruits,
vegetables, nuts and seeds; and obtaining all the other needs of life between the fasts.
Several people with overt breast cancer, already discolored and draining, and which were
attached to the overlying skin and underlying muscles, lived at least 15 years longer than
they would have if they had resorted to medical treatment. At this late stage of cancer,
surgery and chemotherapy promises only a 30 to 60 percent 5 year survival rate.
Nevertheless, those who have the greatest chance of recovery, under either medical or
Hygienic care, are those who are still in the early stages of cancer. Most of the medical
recoveries written about are not in the irreversible cancer stage, which is cachexia. Those
who choose Hygiene at any stage, if they do not get well, at least prolong their lives.
They have conquered the fear of cancer and have faith and courage because they
realize that they possess a self-healing body.
In rare cases, I have recommended surgery for women with a huge hardened uterus, if the
tumor is pressing on vital organs and impairing circulation. If the individual cannot take
off to fast for the reduction of the pre-cancerous growth, then vital tissues and organs will
begin to deteriorate from impaired circulation. However, surgery does not get rid of the
underlying causes of tumors. If, after surgery, the woman returns to her former lifestyle,
then she will be susceptible to tumors growing elsewhere.
Regarding "hopeless cases" Dr. Tilden wrote: "In those cases of cancer where there is
absolutely no hope, if the patient will go without food he will go down and die normally
and naturally, without pain, without discomfort, and can have the pleasure of conversing
with his friends up to the last minute. And that is not all - he gets the last and best chance
for a cure. Some of these cases that are said to be hopeless, and afterwards killed by drug
reliefs, if they were put on an absolute fast they would fool the prognostication
sometimes by getting well." (Wow...LM)
Intelligent Hygienic Action Is Your Best Ally
If you receive a "malignant" diagnosis, you will be able to think rationally and refuse to
submit to the destructive treatments recommended by your physician if you understand
that tumors are not trying to kill you, but, in fact, they are allowing you to survive in spite
of your life-style errors?? you will use your intelligence and follow nature's ways.
A diagnosis of cancer is not always a synonym for death. I am as convinced, as were Drs.
Shelton and Tilden, that many tumors which are diagnosed as cancer by physicians are
not genuine cancer. Hence, they report their medical treatment of this as a cancer "cure"
when it is no such thing. This leads to statistical falsehoods. To accept medical treatment
first is to subject yourself to severe emotional and physical pain that ends with an early
The removal of tumors by autolysis is the safest, most reliable and quickest way to
eliminate them. It has many advantages over surgical removal, because even brain
tumors can be completely absorbed. Surgery is always fraught with danger; whereas,
autolysis is a physiological process and poses no threat. Fasting permits the elimination of toxins and normalizes nutrition in each cell in the body, while at the same time improving the function of the nervous system, thus reversing enervation. Most importantly, tumors tend to recur after being surgically removed, but after they have been autolyzed by fasting, there is little tendency to recurrence. Furthermore,tumors often recur in a malignant form after they have been surgically removed, while the tendency to malignancy is averted by fasting. This process is best done under a competent Hygienic Doctor because in certain cases, such as cancer of the liver,one should not fast. It goes without saying that it is prudent and best to fast when tumors are small so they can be autolyzed more quickly.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 04, 2007 02:49AM

Ross Horne died age 79 from prostate cancer.
see link
( The article is biased anti vegan and doesn't acknowledge Donald watson and Harry Shoerats, longlived vegans )

Horne lived on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia
in 1 of his books he says he was eating commercial fruit

Kristi nolfi ( ?spelling ) said her cancer keep returning when she ate chemically sprayed fruits

Good article by Dr Vetrano

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 04, 2007 03:01AM

Dr Vetrano has a book "Errors in Hygiene"

Other programs aimed at cancer
Ann Wigmore's books
"Budwig diet" , Johanna Budwig

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: learningtofly ()
Date: April 04, 2007 11:01AM

Thanks for the info lettuce.

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Re: reversing prostate cancer
Posted by: anna_elle ()
Date: April 05, 2007 11:02AM

Hi Everyone,

mjhednrik, Thanks for the link. My husband is really excited to try it, especially as our "lawn" is covered in dandelions. The instructions seem so simple and so sincere.

My husband- to whom i will refer as LyonHart (we want to remain a little anonymous because we haven't told our families yet)- is getting monthly PSA tests to monitor the progress(hopefully regress) of the cancer. We will find out the results in April when we visit his urologist.

Harmony, Thank-you for the lengthy article, i will encougare him to read it.

Lettuce, interesting observations about sprayed fruit. We buy organic from the grocery store right now. There is no information as to whether this produce has been irradiated(?) or waxed or if it's GMO. Soon the local markets will open and we plan to shop there.

Peace Love & Happiness to Everybody.

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