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Posted by: runnerchom ()
Date: April 17, 2006 01:00AM


My mother has allergies. She got tested and the doctor said she belongs to a very select group of people that are very allergic to a lot of things. She cannot eat most vegetables and fruits. She's also very sensitive to wheat. Her diet has been composed of rice, potatoes, occasional eggs, and a couple of vegetables.

This has been going on for almost two years. She has been getting two shots a week of allergens: one for the pollen allergies and one for the food allergies.

So far there has not been major improvement. Today I got news that she went to get tested for thyroid problems. I don't know exactly what happened, my mom's awating the results. Coupld be associated with eating this bad diet of starches and very little veggies and fruits, i don't know.

I am a raw foodist and am familiar with the different therapies of self-healing: fasting, juice fast, colon hydrotherapy, living and raw food lifestyle, etc. Additionally, the spiritual side of things is actually the most important one.

Anyway, I know (or think that I do) what I would do to help her. What I am looking for are specific suggestions from people who experienced similar problems, or knew people with these problems. Please share your insights and experience.

I appreciate your time and attention to read though this message and to post your helpful opinions.

Thank you.

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Re: Allergies
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 17, 2006 04:37AM

My thoughts follow. Please use your own discrimination and be responsible for your own health, as your mother MUST also do for herself.


WHY would the body "react" to vegetables and fruits? WHAT is going on?

The body is basically reacting as if those substances taken in are not food, not nutrutitive, not healthful. It is "saying" this on a cellular level with histamine-releasing cells entering into cascades of reactions to "protect" the body. (I don't know your mother's dietary history, nor her particular reactions, symptoms, signs, etc.)

We must assume, that given the development of any particular person, on all levels, and through time, that these substances are NOT food, at least right now, for this "reacting" body. I mean to say the body is not making a mistake based on the pattern in which it is the foremost manifestation of.

WHY would that be?

One reason, is that eating fruits and vegetables, which are easily eliminated and generally balanced or "sattvic" creates an environment of purification. The purifying process means that a "crisis" of healing must be passed through, as much debris is removed from the body and much restructuring, rebuilding and rejuvenation occurs.

Perhaps your mother is (either) quite toxic, or extremely sensitive to a detoxifiying process, so much so that she avoids it to a significant degree. The possiblity must also be entertained, that on some level she might not want to live the vulnerability of a fully energized life, and therefor, has been rejecting this choice through various accumulated actions.

Sensitivity and respect are required in understanding this latter point, as a person will not usually know this about themselves. Others often sense it through their actions over time. But it can lead to much distress in relationships, and great care and compassion are needed to artfully navigate this terrain. (I don't know your mother at all, and am only speaking of principles, some of which might apply to her.)

The process for such a person might require:

1. Education based on her own authentic interest.
2. Carefull guided modification of her present diet toward a more eliminative and sattvic diet, with right guidance through detoxification symptoms. Careful is a key word here. I have seen enthusiasms for a cleansing process cause real damage relative to health; and I have also seen "fears" of health-damage cause a timid (and lacking) embrace of a radically raw diet. Both are errors based on poor education, inexperience, and old patterns. For a very toxic person, who is sincerely motivated, and somewhat frail of health, a year would be a right amount of time to adapt to a vegetarian diet, and then another year to adapt to an optimally raw diet. Not everyone will be able or willing to tolerate a radically raw diet.
3. When the time is right, brief and extended periods of fasting, complemented by superior organic and raw foods diet. This might occur after a few months on a relatively healthy vegetarian diet.
4. An overall consideration about other things that might corrupt her internal balance of cleanliness, like the qualities of air and water and housing and environment.
5. An attitude to do our best without flinching, but to also to not feel as though we can perfect the health of ourselves or others. These bodies after all, mortal. We are to find and embrace our most sincere purpose. Understanding of that purpose allows us, and at some point, to drop the grossest part of our existence, in surrender.

Warmly, Andrew

Stay with the WHY and let the answer emerge, informed by your own experience. Best of fortune and health.

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Re: Allergies
Posted by: Funky Rob ()
Date: April 17, 2006 09:35AM

Ok, I don't have time to read the previous post so I might be saying the same thing, but anyway: I had "alergies" most my life. I was particularly "alergic" to fruit.

When I went raw, the symptoms of my "alergies" dissapeared and I eat lots of fruit now. When I go back to having some cooked food, it only takes 3 days with a couple of cooked snacks, my "alergies" come back.

My explanation: my "alergies" were just detox starting to happen from eating the fruit. I guess my body stats detoxing very quickly when given the chance and that was seen as cause and effect, hence an "alergy".

Hope this helps.


Rob Hull - Funky Raw
My blog: []

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Re: Allergies
Posted by: Rozemarijn ()
Date: April 17, 2006 08:30PM

When I started to read it I thought it was my son writing this. I have been tested for allergies, and it turned out that I react to every tree and pollen, so starting February till September there is something that weakens my system.
There is a link between an allergy to pollen and an allergy to food. For instance when you are allergic to birches you probably have a problem with apples, pears and stone fruit (peaches, prunes, etc.) Next I was tested (Igg E.L.I.S.A., a blood test) for food allergies. It turned out that I had problems with most fruit, some vegetables, diary, some sort of nuts, yeast, wheat and other grain, Aspergilles Niger(a mould which you find in nuts, grain and dried herbs), etc. I had to follow an elimination diet, which I had to rotate (5 days), to prevent developing new allergies. This way I could eat for instance quinoa today, but not the next 4 days. The things I could eat were mostly cooked grain,fish and meat. After about a week I felt a lot better and the pain in my joints disappeared. The cure with injections didn’t seem such a good idea to me, as they said it would take 5 years (feeling really miserable), and they were not sure that it would help in my case. After about four months I really disliked all the cooked food and couldn’t stick to it anymore. Moreover I couldn’t convince myself that this was a healthy, natural way of eating. I noticed that by totally avoiding all these things I became more sensitive to them.
A couple of years later my son found a raw site and we started to read about it.
I am struggling to be raw for over 15 months now. I feel good being 100% raw. I don’t feel deprived of anything, but…….my energy level is dramatically low. There are so many pleasant things to do, and all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep……
The first time I was, after a period in with I went slowly more and more raw, 100% raw for about ten weeks. As I didn’t see any improvement I posted my problem. The general idea was that I should eat more vegetables. It took me some time to get used to. Beginning this year I was 100% raw again, this time six weeks, 50% vegetables and the rest fruit, a few spoonful seeds and some olive oil in my salads. And I felt on a scale from 1-10, I felt about 3. When it would be “just detoxing”, like Funky Rob suggests, I should have been OK after six or ten weeks.
For the record: my blood pressure, cholesterol and PH are perfect. According to a test in the gym my condition is very good for my age. Although I have candida-like symptoms I don’t have candida. (I have been tested several times by different people). According to my homoeopath my toxic level is very low. (2)
I know it’s not really helping you what to advise your mother, but maybe it will give you an indication on what to expect when you try to convince her to be raw. Whatever she eats it would be wise to stick to rotating, 5 days. In 5 days the food will have left her body.

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Re: Allergies
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 18, 2006 03:09AM

I posted my version of allergies on another forum.. (re post here)
I've been a raw fooder for 2 years now.
Enjoying a better quality to life, clearer minded, healthier, moving forward..

I believed I could heal anything that was wrong, I've read so many testimonies, from cancer to diabetes, people have healed themselves!!


Well I've been anaphylactic my whole life, my poison is potato starch and dairy (lactose)

A lot of my life has been a nightmare, trying to avoid the hidden ingredients in already packaged processed foods, and avoid death.

I've been freaked out many times, one time I used a face cream, who would expect to find potato starch in a face cream?

Much to my disgust, I get rushed to hospital, pumped full of drugs, and spend weeks healing my body / immune system... It's easy to see that I was drawn to anything natural, a safer world to live in.. Freedom from my fear of dying through anaphylactic shock.

After that long winded explaination, I am shocked that I wasn't able to heal myself on raw. I came into contact with potato starch 5 days ago and stopped breathing. I spent 3 days in hospital, and still taking a course of steroids + anti histamines. After all that obsessing about my clean body, my health, my natural state of being, here I am again pumped full of drugs.. seemingly ungrateful I'm still alive. Dissapointed I didn't heal myself.

Unrealistic expectations???

I'm scared to death literally of potatoes and lactose...

I have welts all over my body, my neck is bright red as if my body has burned itself from theinside out, well currently it's healing, peeling as you'd expect a burn to do...

My fingers have all split open ...

Ok this is turning into a whinge a thon..

But my point is... I really am so dissapointed I wasn't able to heal myself..

Is there anyone out there with anaphylaxis who has been able to turn it around with raw food?

I think I'm just dreaming..

And on the flip side of it all.. My life will stay raw, it's safer, healthier for me.

I'm not ready to die, I have so much life left, things I want to do, experience. I can't be in that peaceful headspace and resign myself that it's going to happen anyway.

But I am sick of (pardon the pun) living in fear of dying.

I think I've passed on the idea that eventually I'll be cured of my allergy. It's not worth the risk (at worst) or the pain and misery.

I'm sorry for your friend, it does sound like she should definately avoid what it was she had. It's a serious effect on the body / immune system literally attacks itself and it takes a lot of healing. It sounds ugly, but I can be disfigured with welts, swellings, rash's for weeks the only thing that really helps speed up the process is lots of green smoothies / juices. (it's no wonder I LOVE raw)

If you look at allergies on a scale of 1 - 10
anaphylaxis is a 10.. life threatening... on all the other levels there are many uncomfortable symptoms and it's highly possible each time the (poison) is eaten again her body will react more severly next time.

It doesn't always happen this way, but it can, and for me lactose was like that! I used to just get very very sick, but still manage. It was 5 years ago I stopped breathing from it and realised, thats it!!! no more lactose!!!

But maybe if I was looking after my body / immune system back then (5 yrs ago) the allergy wouldn't have progressed? I'm not sure..

Before I discovered raw, I suffered terribly for sometimes up to a month or two.

Theres proof enough that raw has miraculous healing powers..

I guess I just expected I would be free from this problem.

I view it like a problem, but when it strikes, it's a big problem, but if I'm passionate about all raw, then I can join many others, who simply restrict their eating, for the love of health and healing and not wanting to laden their bodies with processed foods, meats or dairy...

Many many reasons why we take care of ourselves, this being just one of them..


My allergies haven't repaired from a raw life style, but raw has improved the quality of my life. I'm not sick every day.


I realise allergies aren't all so severe, but take the signs your body puts out for you as serious. What's going on inside isn't pretty..

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Re: Allergies
Posted by: trumper ()
Date: April 18, 2006 04:59AM

To understand the biological purpose of allergies please read
[] (follow GNM Articles/Allergies)

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