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Nuts, seeds fats: how to lose weight?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 30, 2006 12:29PM

Hello everybody, I'm Ana, 23 yrs old, I'm getting started with the raw food diet. I'm having a big dilema regarding the amount of nut fats that I should eat everyday...or per week.
I'm trying to lose 30 pounds, and also feel healthy and with energy, but I think that it's not good to eliminate the nuts,seeds fat of my diet...and nobody can. I need if some of you could help me with this: How much do you think is the appropiate amount of nuts, nuts spreads, nut milks, or seeds per day or week? even though I need to lose weight?
Could anybody help me with these?
For example: if I take 1/2 cup of nuts during the day, or in the morning, I probably could not eat any nut spread, nut milk?
I'll appreciate very much your response! Thank you very much!
Please help me!

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Re: Nuts, seeds fats: how to lose weight?
Posted by: chiquita ()
Date: April 30, 2006 05:33PM

Hi Ana,

I also really wanted to lose a couple of pounds a while back - I weighed about a 125 pounds then. I then restarted with 100% raw foods and ate as many raw fats as I wanted and I gained weight (about 8lbs). I also was ill and it got worse during this time, so I don't know if it had a big effect on my weight. Anyway, then I started eating no overt fats (due to illness, hoping it would help) and I got better very quickly and I lost all the weight I had gained plus some in 6 weeks (now at about 120lbs). I have loads of energy (I eat lots of green smoothies, fruits, salads and juices) and never think about calories. I am planning to slowly introduce avocados and durian again when I feel my digestive system is up to it. And after that (spouted) nuts/seeds. But, my point is initially the no overt fats really helped with weight loss.

good luck!

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