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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)
Date: January 05, 2008 04:02PM

I've been noticing that raw vegans aren't using raw ACV. I use a splash of it in my salads every day. Can you let me know why some of the messages I've been reading are against raw ACV. Thanks.

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Re: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)
Posted by: davidzanemason ()
Date: January 05, 2008 05:42PM

I can't speak for the other messages. It is a processed item....and I don't find it as vital or sustaining as fresh, raw plant foods. But if it helps you in YOUR goals - I support you 100%

-David Z. Mason

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Re: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)
Posted by: uti ()
Date: January 05, 2008 06:37PM


All vinegars are made from the fermentation of ethanol (alcohol) producing acetic acid, a toxic chemical. Humans have been making vinegars for thousands of years for various uses. For human consumption the acid is highly dilute (around 1:19) and often includes the unfiltered "mother", or solids, from the fermentation process. If it has not been pasteurized it is still biologically active to a certain degree, why is why some promoters call it "live". Apple and Grape ferments are probably the best known vinegars and it was probably spoiled wine that gave humans the first vinegars.

A lot of raw vegans following the Natural Hygiene path consider it a toxic non-food source since "you can't make a meal of it". The rationale further states, why put any sort of poison into the body even a dilute one. The same rationale applies to alcohol.

Doug Graham describes some of the detrimental physiological effects of vinegar use in his 80-10-10 diet book on page 254.


Vinegar excessively stimulates the thyroid gland, leading to hyperthyroidism and eventually hypothyroidism and concomitant health issues such as endocrine disorders, calcium metabolic disorders, metabolic rate disorders, fat metabolism problems, body-weight issues, lethargy, headaches, and the classic bulging of the eyes. This stimulation also accelerates the aging process.

The body pulls phosphorus from the adrenal glands to negate the effects of acetic acid in the system. Depleted phosphorus results in the impaired function of the adrenal glands and thus, again, the entire endocrine system. The outcome of all this can include body odor, pains in the heart, rapid pulse, increased mucus production, chronic fatigue, and headaches. Repetitive use of vinegar will also result in hardening of the liver. Vinegar should not be considered "food."

Note that a lot of the things Graham mentions come from long term use and most people probably don't feel the negative effects until major damage has been done. I would also expect that many people will say that since vinegar has been used as a food preservative and condiment for centuries that it must be okay for humans. Well, we all know what alcohol does to the body from long term abuse and the negative costs it has on society, yet we are free to have as much of it as we desire.

In my own experience, after being away from vinegar for years, I now find it creates a very strong negative sensation on my tongue and in my sinuses if I eat something that has been marinated in vinegar. I noticed this recently with some olives that had been brined in a vinegar and spice solution. I used to love vinegars and used them liberally for cooking and preserving. I also was a photographer for over 30 years years and used 99% concentrated acetic acid in my darkroom work and loved the heady smell of it when I was processing film and papers.

Whatever path you chose, do it gently and lovingly. You don't have to quit using vinegar cold turkey just because someone says it's not good for you. Feel free to experiment with reducing it gradually while you learn to make other dressings for your salads. You might try not using it for 60-90 days and then go back and see if it's still something you enjoy more than the alternatives you've found. Whatever you do enjoy the learning and growing process!

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Re: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)
Posted by: Bryan ()
Date: January 06, 2008 01:02AM

Try using lemon or lime juice instead.

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Re: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)
Date: January 06, 2008 04:41PM

Thank you so much for this information! I will definitely try the 60-90 days without it and use more lemon juice. I really like the idea that if "you can't make a meal of it" don't use/eat it.

I do have Dr Graham's book, I will look over that page.

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Re: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 07, 2008 12:06AM

I LOVE Raw apple cider vinegar, it is a great food with numerous health benefits. I use it to make pickled vegetables, raw Ketchup, and salad dressings

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