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dehydrated sprouted beans
Posted by: smilebig ()
Date: February 29, 2008 10:57PM

I'd like to dehydrate some of my sprouted soy beans and grind them to a powder. For those who don't take offense at this process, can you please tell me what the lowest and safest temperature is that I can dehydrate them at. Can I use 100 - 105 F the way I do with my fruits, veggies, and nuts?


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Re: dehydrated sprouted beans
Posted by: arugula ()
Date: March 01, 2008 06:09AM

If you wanted an accurate answer to this question, you'd have to get a list of all the particular proteins/enzymes present in the sprout. And then you'd have to find the temperatures at which each individual one becomes denatured (maybe papers in a food science journal), and stay below that limit. But the gist of it is that the temperature range you specified is probably ok.

I use rice protein powder processed at low temperatures. I am not sure it takes less energy to process and it comes in a plastic jug but it tastes good and it helps me to keep my legume intake low (but not zero).

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Re: dehydrated sprouted beans
Posted by: phantom ()
Date: March 01, 2008 11:57PM


Would you mind sharing some of your awesome scientific data on why you keep your legume intake low? I'm on a craze with sprouted lentils right now, and I suspect I'm making up for some missing nutrients, but intuitively think it won't be good for the long run.


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Re: dehydrated sprouted beans
Posted by: arugula ()
Date: March 02, 2008 07:39AM

I don't like to get too much from any particular food family, I try to break it up and vary it among as many genetically diverse food sources as I can afford (50 calories each from 30 different sources is very good). Since I already use soy milk and soy yogurt (sum total about 100 calories a day) I feel that I shouldn't add more beans to my diet but look for alternatives instead.

I don't think soy is a poison or a fantastic health food or anything like that but it's ok in modest quantities. For me it's just a convenient way to get something dairy-like that isn't too high in fat (like nutmilks would be) that doesn't come from a cow. Processed soy espeically is not particularly good because all the fiber has been stripped from it, and it takes energy to cook it, strain it, let the beneficial bacteria turn it into yogurt, to make the container, and to ship it. I guess if I were really creative I could come up with some kind of banana-sprouted grain-nut blend or something but so far I have not come up with anything I like all that much. If anyone has a recipe for what I want, please post!

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Re: dehydrated sprouted beans
Posted by: phantom ()
Date: March 02, 2008 11:03AM

The other day, on some sprouted grains, I blended 1 banana, 2 bosc pears, coconut water, and a pinch of cinnamon--it gave me the "milky" cereal kind of texture I was looking for.

And I used to love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, so the pinch of cinnamon already in the "milk" was just a big MMMMMMM for me. Haha.

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Re: dehydrated sprouted beans
Posted by: cy ()
Date: March 02, 2008 04:28PM

Soy and corn are the big ones in genetic modified crops.I'm a kind of scared about them latelly.I did sprout some soy and made a cheese of it ,but I'm no feeling confort on eating soy anymore.

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