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Menstrual cramp relief!!!!!! I found it!
Posted by: musicbebe ()
Date: April 05, 2008 03:54PM

I suffer from horrible menstrual cramps. I had heard that Pineapple was great for relieving pain and reducing inflamation so I decided to give it a try. At the start of my period (Friday morning) I consumed a smoothie with two, 1-inch thick rings from a fresh pineapple, some greens and a banana. My cramps are usually the WORST for the first three days or so. That first day I had no cramps! (I know it was not due to the greens alone, because I've had all-green smoothies during past menstual cycles, with no relief) The next morning was Saturday and I was slow getting out of bed so I didn't make my smoothie until 11 am or so. I started having cramps, but withing 2 hours or so of drinking the pineapple smoothie, they were gone. I had the idea then that I should consume pinneapple both morning AND evening. Some times I just ate the pineapple alone. I did that and had no cramps until Sunday evening (end of day three). I had not consumed my evening portion of pineapple, when at my inlaws for dinner, I started feeling a twinge of cramps coming back on. My mother-in-law had canned pineapple in an otherwise fresh fruit salad, so I ate all the pineapple that I could out of that bowl. No more cramps. I would be interested to know if canned pineapple would produce the same effects as consistently as the fresh. Bromelain is the compound in pineapple that produces the pain relieving and anti-infammatory benefits and perhaps it survives the canning process (though I know the enzymes don't--right?).

So this was a MAJOR breakthrough for me! I've heard that people become healed of their menstrual cramps after a long while on raw, and I believe it is due more to whole body healing than a temporary pain-relieving response. I don't know if pineapple in itself could heal me of my cramps in the long-term, but it certianly helped short-term. I was SO relieved!! I normally could only survive my cramps by taking 3-4 advil, 4 times a day! It would be so bad, I would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible cramping if I had not taken advil before bed. When I first started eating raw last fall, I tried everything to not take advil--hot baths, warm compress, etc... and took only one advil every so often when I couldn't stand the pain any more. Basically I had to just grin and bear it! So, while I wait for the permanent transformation to take place as my body heals itself on raw, I will certainly be using pineapple to manage the pain in the meantime! I bet it would work for other types of pain and inflammation too! Try it and post your results on this thread!! Again, for me (5'2, 140 pounds--and losing) I needed 2 rings of pineapple, 1-inch thick each, twice a day, to manage my menstrual pains. Hope this helps someone!


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Re: Menstrual cramp relief!!!!!! I found it!
Posted by: Lee_123 ()
Date: April 05, 2008 04:11PM

Thanks for posting. What you wrote about pineapple reminded me of a friend who had to have major surgery for a very severe hernia problem. Her very conservative, supposedly not open to alternative medicine, doctor told her to drink as much pineapple juice and to eat as much pineapple in the week before her surgery because (according to him) it could relieve swelling, pain, and inflammation. I can't remember what the thing is in pineapple that can do that. My friend isn't too groovy either... but she swears that the pineapple saved her from a lot of post-surgery pain and swelling. When she was able to drink juice a couple of days after her procedure, she asked for pineapple juice and when she could eat again she continued to eat a lot of pineapple for a couple of weeks.

You are right on. I had forgotten about my friend's experience. It's an important reminder so we can all let food be our medicine as much as possible.

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Re: Menstrual cramp relief!!!!!! I found it!
Posted by: flipperjan ()
Date: April 05, 2008 05:07PM

My runners world magazine - notorious for advocating milk for bones etc. - actually advised tropical fruit juice such as pineapple for post exercise to speed healing and reduce inflamation. I hadn't taken much notice because the diet advice is usually so wrong IMO.

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Re: Menstrual cramp relief!!!!!! I found it!
Posted by: Utopian Life ()
Date: April 05, 2008 05:21PM

I haven't had cramps in months and I usually eat 3-4 pineapples per week.


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Re: Menstrual cramp relief!!!!!! I found it!
Posted by: cocoa_nibs ()
Date: April 05, 2008 08:39PM

Bromelain is an enzyme, so I'd guess it would get destroyed in the canning process.


THanks for posting, i shall try that.

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