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Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: phantom ()
Date: April 08, 2008 08:46PM

A guy I work with today mentioned this to me, which I thought was very interesting, but I hadn't heard myself.

He said he read an article about food being scanned somehow for its frequency--and, surprise, surprise--whole, fresh, fruits and veggies have the highest frequency, whereas processed food has little to none (200 MHz for strawberries, and around 5 Hz for processed junk). And this apparently affects us at a cellular level.

Has anyone else heard about this? I thought it was very interesting in light of raw foods being awesome. =)

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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: maui_butterfly ()
Date: April 08, 2008 08:48PM

yeah, its called life force! smiling smiley

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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 08, 2008 09:01PM


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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: Pistachio ()
Date: April 08, 2008 09:33PM

I took a class related to natural healing a while back and they brought up that subject and covered it briefly, including the frequencies of some diseases like cancer. It was pretty interesting.

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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: davidzanemason ()
Date: April 09, 2008 08:21AM

Yes. I think high-frequency practices, thoughts, foods and techniques are out there......if people want them.

-David Z. Mason

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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: GypsyArdor ()
Date: April 09, 2008 08:23AM

I agree with davidzanemason. I'll add high-frequency people to his list, as well. ;-)

Lots of love to you,


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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: April 09, 2008 11:02AM

Yes, high frequency is admirable....Raw foods are intense....when trying to answer to people the question, why raw?, I'll sometimes slice a carrot lenthwise and show them the vibrant orange flesh and ask them to imagine what the carrot would look like if it were cooked (intensity of color washed out).

In terms of the wave characteristics (frequency, wavelength, amplitude) of the light radiating from a carrot I would guess the amplitude of the waves is much higher in the raw state.


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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: April 10, 2008 12:58PM

From Kevin Gianni's interview with David Wolfe, April 7, 2008

"...And you are what you eat is so profound when we really begin to moving into high vibrational foods and super foods because it shifts the fundamental quantum field of our whole body, our body may be vibrating at a certain level and based on the food we’re eating primarily and then secondarily upon the media we’re taking in, the love relationships and everything else that’s around us. We then resonate at a certain frequency.

Well if we can get that food up to the highest frequencies possible, it becomes easier to love your neighbor. It becomes easier to feel good. It becomes easier to have fun. It becomes easier to smile. And it takes us out to this understanding that everything in our whole body, every cell in our body, every mineral came from somewhere. And if it came from food that was treated with greed, destruction, fire, microwaving, unconsciousness, then those cells and those tissues are created with some residue of those energies. And if the food transforms into something that’s created with love and joy and happiness and is vibrating at the highest level, and then we consume that, then we can transform the quality of the vibration of every single cell in our body. And this is not only leading us even way beyond personal health, I mean we’ve got the health thing completely sorted out. We have all the technology now to completely reverse anything that’s going on inside anybody’s body. But we’re really taking it to the next step which is beyond just getting into perfect health, which is like super-hero level nutrition where you feel so good every single day that you are activating your mission at a level that you never even could have conceived of before. And that’s the down low coming in to our times right now."


Could this be the article mentioned in the original post?

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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: greenpower ()
Date: April 10, 2008 02:04PM

Dr Christopher, a well known herbalist, used to speak about high vibration and low vibration people and foods.Guess he was talking about the same thing.

Also Ann Wigmore was very much into the vibration of foods. She insisted that the way the food was prepared also had a big impact.


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Re: Frequency (the Hz) of food
Posted by: warm-glow ()
Date: April 14, 2008 09:52PM

In Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousins he refers to the Hz or life-force as Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF). "Fresh, raw, live or unprocessed food most enhances our SOEFs and therefore is the healthiest for us. Because of the greater SOEF energy contained in a vegetarian (and particularly live foods) diet, one may experience the diet too powerful when one has been years on flesh and cooked food diet." from his book.

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