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abundance of free grasses and herbs....
Posted by: juicin' john ()
Date: June 29, 2006 09:37PM

the upside of all the rainy weather in the area where i live has created some very nice and lush juicable grasses and herbs which i am juicing to mimic those ground hogs and rabbits that look so healthy. i figure i will have a smoothie for breakfast and then juice the grasses etc. until its suppertime. then i will eat asmuch vegan fruits and veggies as i would like. if raw is not your "cuppatea" lightly steam just enough to change the color.(still cruchy) but don't get me wrong ...raw is best. this is a great diet for losing unwanted weight also.

today i had several different kinds of grasses which grow together in my "overgrown" lawn. only my opinion but i say there is a wealth of high quality food in the way of grasses and herbs. i honestly believe a person could get very healthy if they were to resolve to take advantage of the free supply of food growing all over the place. just make sure it is not sprayed or otherwise polluted.

i am using a greenstar juicer and after gathering up my supply of grasses and herbs to juice....i very carefully and slowly feed them into my greenstar. every so often i pour a little water down the feeding shute. do not jam grass into the feeding chute all at once, since wild grasses can contain very tough cellulose and fiber .go slowly and you will do fine. i also added sonme spearmint and dandelion to the mixture. i finish off my pouring some more water down the feeding shute to diliute the juice to my own particular taste.

the leftover pulp can be soaked in a container and refigerated making somewhat of a"tea" out of the leftover pulp. i am sure some of the cellulose componentss would be disssolving into the "tea"

the foam and any pulp is then strained off and the juice is ready to drink. i do advise straining it. it gives it a nice clean appetizing appearance when you do. i think you will be suprised how mild and delicious this combination can be.
add a little mint for flavor. also to the teas you can add alittle giger and lemon with a tiny bit of raw honey for an interesting summer drink.

i'm psyched about my new program!!!

the benefits of a drink like this ....used over a cotinuous period of time must be absolutely awsome!! you could really do somee serious health benefitting with all those untapped minerals and phyto nutrients. WOW.

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Re: abundance of free grasses and herbs....
Posted by: juicin' john ()
Date: June 29, 2006 09:44PM

one more thing i forgot.... leave off the pulp adjusting knob with these heavy grasses and wheatgrass you won't need it..strain you juice and enjoy!!!!

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Re: abundance of free grasses and herbs....
Posted by: VeganLife ()
Date: July 01, 2006 11:39PM

I hope you are not just taking random plants as some can be poisonous. buttercup is poisonous I believe and it grows in my back yard.

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