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How to swich to juice when ill?
Posted by: Rozemarijn ()
Date: July 11, 2006 01:50PM

My brother, 54,had three heart-attacks, five bypasses and has been dotttered three times in the last six months. The whole family is stupefied, because all our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles reach ages of 83-90years. He never smoked, used to be a sportsman and still walks a lot, takes the stairs when he goes to his apartment at the 8th floor, etc. Sometimes he takes a drink, sometimes he eats meat, but never in excess. Now he is in the hospital with an infected appendix, which cannot be operated right now. The doctors want his colon to rest as much as possible, so he is allowed to “eat” only liquid food, which will be absorbed easily. My suggestion would be to let him drink fruit- and vegetable juice and smoothies, but they give him milk, porridge and bouillon. On the other hand, he is definitely not in a condition to feel miserable because of detox symptoms and he feels hypo when he doesn’t eat enough. So he would have to switch slowly. How should he do this?
Please advise me how to help him.


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Re: How to swich to juice when ill?
Posted by: juicin' john ()
Date: July 11, 2006 05:42PM

keep up energy by staying relatively free of toxins which resulted from years of improper body maintainence. get juicer and use it to the max to fortify, nourish and detox body sytems which are in need. co enzyme q10 is used in large percentages by the heart, so giving co q10 is very important since this "ubiquitous nutrient" must be supplied. check sugar intake and white flour intake, many people suffer from unspeakable addictions with sugar and into the mix of things more triglycerides..... the low lactobacillus populations and "opportunitive candida" relationships are ridiculous for healthy standards. the body must begin digesting the overload which it has accumulated through many years of thoughtless eating. afterall improper eating is one of our our major health problems if not the most urgent. we must choose the correct way to eat. lots of juicing to the point of skipping a meal or few and to have instead a whole lot of fresh made juices!!

enzymes and any kind of elmusifying dietetic agent...lecithin is one which comes instantly to mind. what has always intriguided me is that chefs use mustard as an emulsifier. i have never experienced chelation but have only read about it ...but checking it out may be interesting and possibly useful to help remove stuff from inside the blood vessel system within our bodies.... it would only make sense to have a good dosage dosage of good enzymes at work as we are cleansing our vascular sytems here. the bdy is definite in a cleanse mode if it is healing properly.

cleansing is a necessary component of any valid healing modality. we must want to keep ourselves clean from the agents which contributed to a sickly state of health. juicing,enemas, enzymes, PLUS many other possiblities for rejuvenation of body tissues. it takes work to get it and willingness to let go of the foods which are keeping us toxic and thus compromised, as we strive to balance ourselves with nature.

its like this. one and one is two.

doing all the right stuff is one.
doing the same wrong stuff as before is a minus one.
one plus minus one is zero.
now ...

all the right stuff is plus one.
avoiding and reolving not to do the wrong stuff is plus one.
one plus one equals two.

i hope i have not make this easier than it sounds! and yes by all means get that juicer working. don't worry just stgart stuffing good organic vegetables in it. get a green star....they reallly are the best value. and the company stands behind their product with available service and amicably resolving any warranty issues. the full spectrum of efficient juicing is available to you with one of these. good healthy a good place to start.

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Re: How to swich to juice when ill?
Posted by: Rozemarijn ()
Date: July 11, 2006 09:36PM

Hello, the guy is in hospital. And it looks like they are going to keep him there for some time. I can smuggle in some Q10, but I'm not sure he'll take it. Remember I'm the silly sister who keeps busy thinking about food/health. The hospital tries to keep him going by giving him milk, white flour and sugar. It looks like he is wiling to try juicing/smoothies, but how much can he take without getting detox problems, because that's the last thing he needs.


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Re: How to swich to juice when ill?
Posted by: juicin' john ()
Date: July 12, 2006 02:53PM

without his absolute cooperation... you are pushing the rock uphill. the hospital enviornment is what it is.


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