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Re: Omega vs GreenStar
Posted by: Krefcenz ()
Date: March 30, 2012 04:20PM


You again. You seem to have made it's your life mission to sell what is a pretty good juicer, but not the only juicer by a long shot. When will be hearing from Helloob again, eh??? [] Coco and WY's experiences for cleaning a GSE are no less valid than your own. And you have no idea whether their experience is a minority one or representative one. If you think otherwise, show me your survey data. I'd sworn off this forum after Kohler's beegan conversion. But I remember our last encounter. And I would humbly advise you to speak for yourself. The Green Star Elite Juicer is an excellent juicer. Just not the only one.


juicin' john Wrote:
> coco and wheatgrass yogi
> the both of you are very unique .....and
> thankfully so in a minority.... regarding your
> GreenStar experiences.
> it would be painful and a waste of good energy to
> continue any discussion with either one of you.
> i would like to thank the both of you for giving
> me a great opportunity to present positive visual
> evidence regarding GreenStar's quick and easy
> cleanup.
> keep on the sunny side..... always on the sunny
> side
> []
> wish you well
> jj

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