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Omega VRT 330 HD Upgrade, enhancing the juicing experience
Posted by: pborst ()
Date: April 01, 2011 10:48PM

I had posted a little bit ago on the availability of new Omega parts as a cost-effective alternative to selling and upgrading an entire machine. []

I wanted to follow up on my Omega VRT 330 upgrade to an 33OHD. Cost: $80 $40 for a new Ultem screen, $40 for a new bowl [note: on older model VRTs the screen and bowl had a 28 percent smaller pulp ejection port so if you have a newer VRT, the upgrade is $40,not $80.]

Since there is a 10 year warranty on an Omega juicer [which I've already used to replace one cracked screen], it really doesn't make sense from a financial point to upgrade. If your white screen cracks, you send it to Omega and use the yellow screen until the replacement. You keep juicing. No cost other than the price of the screen which is a 1 buck and a half. So, if you are budget juicing, the rest of this probably isn't that important to you since you were smart enough to buy Omega and not Hurom who doesn't have a 10 year warranty on anything but the motor. 1 year for everything else. [caveat there was a period where Hurom offered 10 years on everything, downgraded to 10 years motor and 1 year on the rest, if you own a 10 year Hurom bumper to bumper then the former comment doesn't apply]

That said, the wider pulp ejection port with a 8 cup pyrex collection cup and a decent strainer above it really turns the VRT juicing experience into something else. Here's why. A pyrex 8 cup glass container is short and wide

In fact it's a bit shorter than the standard Omega VRT collection cups and holds more. You're getting it. Put the strainer on 8 cup and let her run. Set it and forget it. Feed the produce. Change the position of the stainer once or twice. Foam gets caught up there too. Juice falls sans foam into the Pyrex. Couldn't be easier. Even if you don't upgrade, if you nutmilk bag, think about the strainer alternative. JK suggested it originally. I've found it much easier than nutmilk bagging to take out the pulp. Best. Hope this time finds you well.


p.s. if it doesn't make financial sense, why did I upgrade? 3 reasons: 1) hassle, I'd prefer to have a harder more durable screen since I juice alot, 2) reducing polymer risks, the ultem is hard on the screen, so it is less likely to leach and as I've posted before, ultem is safer than melamine [assuming that's the polymer on the standard 330, it may not be], 3) wider pulp ejection port, as soon as the pulp ejection port gets blocked, beet green stems are the worst, it screws up your juicing experience. .

p.p.s. JK, I hope you're reading this.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 04/01/2011 10:54PM by pborst.

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Re: Omega VRT 330 HD Upgrade, enhancing the juicing experience
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 02, 2011 12:11AM

I haven't gotten a new juicer yet but it's on my list. The Omega Vert 330 HD sounds like the way to go. I have a pyrex in that size and a screen to fit it already. Thanks Paul.

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