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Vitamix Advance Container Upgrade
Posted by: syadasti ()
Date: May 07, 2011 01:03PM

I just got a commercial Vitamix Advance container for my Waring MX1000XTX. It does not fit well without at least modifying the pad (I modified the pad and one of the pad mounts but it will work if you just modify the inside of the pad and orient it in between the pad mounts). It still works with Waring and standard Vitamix containers after modification. I used a Dremel to make the modification.

The Advance container works better than the Waring or consumer/low end Vitamix containers. Like the Waring Raptor container, it does not require a tamper due to the better container design that pulls and mixes the contents (though it works even better than Waring Raptor). This container is made of polycarbonate, not Tritan like the Raptor but it is very solid and seems like it would last the longest out of any container I've had so far.

The Vitamix Advance container is more finicky for self-cleaning as you cannot put too much water in it (less than 24 oz.) and the water tends to migrate past the lid seal particularly around the pouring area. Using the pulse function will reduce the problem.


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Re: Vitamix Advance Container Upgrade
Posted by: Wheatgrass Yogi ()
Date: May 07, 2011 01:16PM

sy....why would you want to use your Advance container on a Waring motor base? Doesn't your Vitamix Advance work well as a unit?
I understand Waring has improved their containers with the new Extreme line of blenders.....WY

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Re: Vitamix Advance Container Upgrade
Posted by: syadasti ()
Date: May 07, 2011 06:14PM

I needed another container and I knew some of the newest designs (K-tec Wildside/Vitamix XP knock-off and Vitamix Advance) work better than the traditional taller/narrower multi-blade containers. The Raptor is better than my old Vitamix container (slightly wider, smooth sides, tamper not needed), but this is better still and ideal for my needs (I primarily make smoothies). I guess would have bought a K-Tec Wildside container since those are Tritan but those don't work with Vitamix/Waring bases. I don't see why Vitamix hasn't switched on the commercial side - the Waring Raptor container is a commercial NSF approved Tritan container. The risk from polycarbonate is very minimal given how long the beverages stay in the container and I suppose the commercial market is a little more rational when it comes to the plastic used given the intended application. I think Vitamix will eventually change since most manufacturers seems to be.

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Re: Vitamix Advance Container Upgrade
Posted by: syadasti ()
Date: May 07, 2011 09:09PM

Pad Mod

Disclaimer - at your own risk. Likely could void your warranty but does not make any significant changes to your Waring base and no changes to the Vitamix Advance Container

(recommended - my original modification was not necessary as noted above - base mount covered in electrical tape from first mod which also works)

Tools needed - Dremel tool, safety goggles, small dremel cut-off disc

Remember - trim off small sections at a time - better not to take off too much material

1) Remove pad from base to work on more easily in a place you don't mind getting rubber bits on

2) Put safety goggles on

3) Trim the edges of the inside of the base mount pads with a dremel cut-off disc to fit - a slightly tight fit is ideal

4) Clean loose rubber bits off pad when finished

5) Reinstall pad on Waring base - make sure its completely seated


Make sure you hold the container lid when blending - it keeps the container in alignment and also helps prevent water from shooting out the top of the ingredient cap when self-cleaning the container with soap and water.

Finished pad:

With Vitamix Advance Container mounted (note you can install it in 4 different orientations with this modification):

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Re: Vitamix Advance Container Upgrade
Posted by: Wheatgrass Yogi ()
Date: May 07, 2011 10:18PM

sy....Job well done!!
We're (you and I) the only two people in the World who do things like you just did....and it doesn't interfere if you want to use the regular Waring container, or most Vitamix containers (the new 32-ounce, and the old 48-ounce, can't be used).
I understand that Waring improved their Blade design, in addition to upgrading to a BPA-free container.
As an aside, John Kohler likes the Household Vitamix blade over the Blendtec blade....better for 'micronization', as it is sharp, and 'cuts', rather than Blendtec's which is blunt, and 'beats'.....WY

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