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Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: pborst ()
Date: January 10, 2013 06:48PM

Not sure that extra $1500 is well placed. My Super Angel pulp is bone dry. Low rpms, 10 year warranty. If you think a Norwalk is the best way to go, good luck. Greenstar Elite maybe even better from a cost standpoint, low rpms. I can't personal justify the extra $1500.

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: jalanutan ()
Date: January 26, 2013 09:32PM

I bought my 7500 from 'Angel Juicer Australia'. It's the same as the 5500, but with an automatic reverse, where the 5500's reverse is manual. The email is

Do your due diligence on the stainless grades. I prefer the 304 since it's actually harder wearing than the 316 grade. In the boating industry they use the 304 stainless for bolts etc and the 316 stainless for such parts as railings etc since it polishes up better aparently.

I'm still very happy with my choice, as it's been awhile now, and I haven't had any problems with the machine or it's performance. I do notice a variance in the amount of produce I have to use to make my usual 2 litres (the juice extracted), and initially I thought that the angel's performance was waning. However, I know now that it's the varying juice content in produce that makes the difference, esp carrots.

Cheers, jalan

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: WheatgrassYogi ()
Date: January 27, 2013 12:24AM

Jalan....That was interesting about the grades of Stainless Steel.
Nice to see you're still around.
I'm still using my Omega 4000 (centrifugal)...not as efficient as an Angel, but I like it......WY

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: jalanutan ()
Date: January 30, 2013 08:26AM

Thx WY, I hope all is well with you too. It's been a very busy year for me, what with winding up my parents estate and battling my siblings over possessions etc. It's almost over, and will be a form of closure for me.

Many people like the Omega, and when people ask my opinion, I ask them how much do they want to shell out. Therefore, I actually end up recommending the Omega more than the angel due to the significant price difference. I've been seriously thinking of buying one for myself to take on trips too. I usually take the angel, and I kept the box and foam inserts for just that reason. But it's heavy and takes up a fair bit of room.

Cya round jalan

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: jalanutan ()
Date: January 30, 2013 08:30AM

Oh yeah, another reason why the 316 stainless is used for asthetic parts is cause the 304 does discolour abit, and I've noticed this on the angel's augers. But a soak in std white vinegar cleans it up.

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: Png ()
Date: April 08, 2013 03:40PM

Hi Jalan,

I also reside in Australia and am looking to get an Angel Juicer. However, the online stores that I have checked out.. the warranty is only 5 years for the motor and 3 years on the gears and 1 year on other parts.
Could you please let me know where did you purchase your Angel?

Thanks and regards,

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: DavidScubadiver ()
Date: May 03, 2013 06:57PM

There is not a lot of discussion about the blank plate/soft fruit optional plates here, and as they cost nearly as much as a single auger juicer (old model), I was wondering if anybody uses them regularly and can comment on how well they work?

I repeatedly see how "amazing" the Omega 8004/6 is at creating sorbets with frozen bananas or frozen berries. I don't see anything like this when reading reviews of the Angel, and wondered whether that was because it simply doesn't work as well (maybe there is a trade off between yield and sorbet goodness...)

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: jalanutan ()
Date: May 03, 2013 11:14PM

PNG, I bought mine from 'Angel Juicers Australia' I couldn't find the email addy, but I'm sure you can google it. Mine definately has a 10yr warranty, but there's a lot of people selling juicers. I'll keep lookinig for the email for you though.
Cheers, jalan

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: pborst ()
Date: May 08, 2013 01:53PM


I have both the blank plate and soft fruit plate. If you have to choose between the two, go with the soft fruit plate. There are some items like tomato, kiwi, other, where you get more of a nector than a juice where the large holes are better and the regular screen could clog.

I have used the blank plate to make nut butters and sorbet and it works well for me. But to be perfectly honest, you don't need it if you have a good food processor. I tend to prefer nut butters from my food processor and my sorbet from my blender. Hope that helps with your decision. And yes, the blank and soft fruit plates are kind of expensive. For me knowing I have all steel contact surfaces makes it worth it for the juicer as a whole. But you certainly don't need the blank plate.


Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: DavidScubadiver ()
Date: May 09, 2013 12:26PM

Thank you, Paul. It is funny, but I don't see myself juicing tomatoes and kiwi enough to make it worth the money and storage space. I wound up ordering a Blemdtec Total Blender from costco and a twister jar for blendtec, both of which were on sale.

I will start my fruit and veggie journey with smoothies instead of juices, save a few bucks, get some more fiber and save some time in the bargain. However, if the SA ever gets sold by costco I will likely pick it up to see what I am missing. Might do it anyway, but I am afraid I will wind up with a large countertop appliance that I won't have time to use. On the other hand, the thought of a noisy blender in the morning makes me cringe, so I have to see how this plays out.

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: WheatgrassYogi ()
Date: May 10, 2013 12:48AM

DavidScubadiver Wrote:
..... On the other hand, the thought of a noisy blender in the morning makes me cringe

It's only noisy for less than a minute. Surely you can stand that? My blender is Music to my ears......WY

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Date: June 22, 2013 10:56PM

Occasionally my Angel juicer has wet pulp and can make a noise and rattle. Most times it is o.k. l bought mine from a local ebay seller. The thing which really bothers me is that l have a piece of paper with a mobile phone number on it if any problems arise. l rang the number once to check out who the people were on the other end and they seem like good people, but what if they change phone numbers and l get stuck?

I bought a new juicer with the glossy booklette and all, but still...

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: Isha ()
Date: November 17, 2013 08:20PM

Has anyone tried to make coconut oil with the Super Angel? It makes a fantastic fresh cream, but I dont know if it will take the dehydrated shredded coconut well.

I want to be able to make cold pressed coconut oil and seed oil ( hemp specially) The problem is that, as far as I know, the omega 8006 makes only coconut oil and the matstone-samson-l'equip juicer only makes seed oil. Can't afford to buy both.



Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: pborst ()
Date: November 25, 2013 05:05PM

It's November 2013 and I still use my Super Angel 5500 daily. It was $1000 when I bought it, and the best the $1000 I've ever spent, ever. The pulp is Norwalk dry, the company solid, the cleaning easy. This is a no brainer. If you want a premium no plastic juicer, get the Super Angel. You will not regret it.


and yeah it's still better than the Green Star Elite and worth the extra $400.

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: kebabby ()
Date: November 28, 2013 11:04AM

Hi all

Just wanted to clear up a few things with regards the Angel juicer.

We are the Angel juicer official UK distributor (Juiceland), the warranty within UK & Europe is 5 years motor, 3 years parts. The model is the Angelia, this is the only household model manufactured for use in Europe. I have asked the manufacturer the differences between US & EU model and they say there is none. The name Super Angel is that given by the US distributor. The same models are available here and there 5500, 7500, 8500S. Manufacturers website below. The old Angela model is discontinued and has never been available in the UK and Europe as far as we are aware.

We also have problems like the US distributor does with grey imports from the USA and other countries. These are not covered by our warranty. If you want to check who the official retailers are - contact us or just buy direct from [] . If they do not come via us - then they are not through official channels.


Hope this helps.


John Jackson

Re: Review of Super Angel 5500 juicer
Posted by: pborst ()
Date: December 05, 2013 03:00PM

Thanks John for clarifying. I purchased my Super Angel through Harvest Essentials some years ago. I registered mine through US and have purchased two additional juicing screens, a blank plate and a fruit screen with larger holes for about $400. I ordered the additional screens from I have spoken with reps from US over the phone regarding both the product registration and the additional screen purchases. The conversation was cordial and the service prompt.

As I have said to other forum mates above, I don't necessarily recommend getting either additional screen, though I do use the fruit screen from time to time, mostly for making nectars. My point is that the customer service experience I have had has been personally gratifying.

It's true that in the past, John Kohler has reported company problems. John reported that the company left him with a bunch of defective merchandise and didn't warrant it. And I understand that. I'm not clear if the current Super Angel management is the same as the management that is responsible for John's experience or not. If it is, then I agree there is cause for concern.

That said, I can only speak from my experience. I find the Super Angel easy to clean, extremely efficient esp for leafy greens and reassuring (no plastic contact surfaces). If Super Angel didn't exist, I would get a Green Star Elite. It's a great juicer and I prefer twin gears to single augers for straight leafy greens, they are more cost-effective over time. You pay more up front but reap the higher yield over time. If you want to get more juice from the wet pulp from a single auger juicer, you need to get a juice press like the one Tim sells or the Wells.

Personally, I think two slow juicers are the optimal arrangement, a single auger vertical like an Omega VT 400 which is good for fruit, root veggies or combos and a twin gear preferably either a Green Star Elite or Super Angel. And that's about $900 to $1500 which is beyond the price point of most people's interest. Depends how much you juice. If I were just going to buy one juicer, it would be a twin gear, either a Green Star Elite or a Super Angel depending on my price point. I chose the Super Angel for the all steel contact surfaces and the slower rpms. It's a great unit. I have no regrets.


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