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I love them both
Posted by: skiezo ()
Date: January 25, 2012 03:17AM

Been using the green life along with the omega 9000 for a week now. I really like the omega for carrots,celery and beets . It will juice 5# of carrots in less 10 mins and I am getting approx. 40 oz. of juice per 5# and clean-up is a breeze. The pulp is pretty dry on all the vegeis.
Use the pulp for soup base and in my garden.
The Green life is a bit more time consuming both in juicing and clean-up and the yield is about the same.I have been using the GL for kale,collards,parsley,
chard and granny smiths. In the short time that I have been back on a semi raw diet I feel so much more alive and have energy. I am taking it slow at first but plan on a few diet within a few months.
I hope to keep up on this diet as I have abused my body for a number of years
and need to start living again. With the help of the God of my understanding and daily exercise and a good diet I hope to live a long and healthy life.
I hope the people on this forum can help me my revised way of life.
Thanks for the help so far and I plan on using this forum to start my new life.

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Re: I love them both
Posted by: WheatgrassYogi ()
Date: January 25, 2012 07:22AM

skiezo Wrote:
> .......I hope to live a long and healthy life.

I do too. Above all else, remember that Quantity is more important than Quality. A raw-food Overeater won't live as long as a cooked-food Undereater......WY

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Re: I love them both
Posted by: ancient11 ()
Date: January 31, 2012 04:32PM

Good for you, keep the good attitude up. I love reading about people who are tring to better themselves.

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