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New to juicing
Posted by: scottbryan724 ()
Date: September 09, 2012 09:26PM

I want to start juicing and buy a juicer because i feel it will be an easier way for me to get nutrients i need

i have serve digestive issues for 5 years now and havnt really found the right treatment ihave different things going on including possible ibs with gastritis and reflux

because of alot of these issues its hard for me to consume veggies and fruits like i would want to cause there very hard on my thats why i think juicing would be ideal for me especially since its suppose to be easier on the stomach then blending

im having a tough time deciding between a breville or one of the omegas

i know the differences but i get indicisive when i see so many good reviews then the various bad for both

like with the brevilles i see reviews like doesnt get as much juice cause its so fast and alot of foam and def not the best for leafy greens..and with the omegas ive seen things like possible plastic going into the juice and the chute being small causing jams even with cut up apples

i also dont know how much of a fruit or vegetable i would need to use for one serving for juice

things im looking to use would be carrots,celery,spinach,broccoli,apples maybe some more stuff but thats what i got off the top of my head

how many drinks a day should i do i dont want to do a juice fast i just want to add the juicing to my daily routine to help make my self healthier

any other helpful tips would be greatly appreciated

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