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Norwalk Press Juicer or Super Angel (Angelia)
Posted by: Victoriastar ()
Date: October 25, 2012 10:13AM

I am looking very closely at purchasing a
> Norwalk
> > press but also considering the Super Angelia
> > juicer. I know these are the two priciest on
> the
> > market but I've had less expensive and I don't
> > want anything like I've had before. I've owned
> Omega, Acme, Champion, Green Star,Breville, Omega
> but was never quite pleased
> > with one thing or another, ie. too much pulp,
> too
> > many pieces to clean, too much heat, too much
> foam, etc. I've used
> > the Norwalk so I am familiar with the two step
> > process. I am leaning toward the Norwalk ony
> because of these
> > facts, and if I am wrong would someone please
> > correct me on these facts. The Norwalk juice
> > press does not heat up and the juice can be
> > bottled and stored up to 3 days with minuscle
> > destruction of enzyme activity, henceforth a
> large
> > batch can be made and stored in refrigerator or
> > frozen for later use in the week without
> detroying
> > nutrition value. I have not seen anything
> > stating this with the Super Angel. Does anyone
> > know about this? I would be making about 3
> > gallons a week. I am not concerning myself with
> the horrendous prices of both machines at this
> time. I only want the very best of the best
> between Norwalk or Super Angel.

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