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Raw Juice has worked for me
Posted by: juicemaker ()
Date: March 05, 2013 07:46PM

I love raw vegetable juice,infect it saved my life,but that is another store
God show me a path back in 1992 and i have been on it ever scenes.

I personally drink over 300 gallons a year so for the last 21 years i have drank

over 7000 gallons of raw vegetable juice,and i can tell you that raw juice will change

your life,your health. Over the last 21 years i have had two minor colds with a runny nose

i take no drugs have not had a need to see a doctor scenes 1992, As i move thou my life i keep seeing

more and more people coming down with new diseases with names i can not even pronounce,at theses

moments i turn to God,as i have when i was dieing,
Here is what i say to my guides every night before i sleep,Give me guidance to see the truth,I wish not to be blinded

by greed and misinformation any more.

You can say that I'm a big believer in raw juices for health,this is true,although it is not for everyone,it is for me.

Take time to research,and learn about the befits of mother nature and how all plant life is here for us

as food and medicine. If you have Question about juicing,or how to make juicing simple like juicing one time a mouth

and keeping your juice fresh for 30 days,feel free to contact me, And that is the way it was. God Bless JuiceMaker

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Re: Raw Juice has worked for me
Posted by: WheatgrassYogi ()
Date: March 06, 2013 02:35AM

juicemaker Wrote:
.....feel free to contact me, And that is the way it was.

Could you be more specific as to what juices you drink?
I've always felt Carrot/Celery would make the best combo, but haven't tested it yet long-term......WY

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