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Juicer Recommendation- Casual (Summer) Juicer, Omega had plastic shavings!
Posted by: lisaleira ()
Date: May 28, 2014 07:09PM


It's been lovely to look through this board and find an incredible amount of insight, opinions and expertise. After doing a good deal of research and still coming up uncertain, I thought I'd post and ask your opinions, if you care to share!

I got a juicer for the first time last summer and it was incredible. It was an Omega centrifugal, all that I could afford, and while there didn't seem to be a ton of juice coming from the leafy greens it was still a great experience and felt great. However later on I started to notice that the black plastic on the upper lid that housed the metal screen blade thingie (the thing that was the hardest to clean off), was losing its color and looked like plastic was scraping off. It was terrifying and I stopped juicing and just returned the juicer to Bed Bath Beyond (I know, I know.. but it's convenient).

Now it's summer again and I really want to start juicing again, but I don't know what's the next step to go. Part of me thinks I should go and get a higher quality like a Green Star (been researching!!) or something in the $500s, but the truth is I don't juice a huge amount and only in warm weather, so if it's a lifelong investment then it seems worth it, but otherwise not so much. Like if its something my family could then use and could last for years...

On the other hand I looked at the Gerson institute and other recommendations, and there seems to be something in favor of even the little L'Equipe XL and the Hurom Slow Juicer. But I'm wondering are those so different than the Omega and will I have the same eventual issue with plastic scraping off??

While the $500 juicers all seem to be better recommended but they also seem to use plastic in their make-up so why should that be better?

I don't need the most incredible juicer of leafy greens though I do really like the green juices... And it won't be super heavy duty maybe daily throughout the summer but much less in winter if at all..

I want to know that if the plastic goes crazy I can return it and get my money back or something, that I won't just lose the investment...

And I suppose the things I'm most likely to juice are the classics: celery, carrot, ginger, some apple, cucumber, some leafy greens (do like them juiced quite a bit)...

So that all seems to agitate in favor of a slow masticating juicer like the Omega 8006.. but the reviews seem to indicate that they sometimes have the plastic scrapings problem!!!

So maybe better to give up leafy green juicing, just eat the greens, and get a L'Equipe?

Or maybe the Hurom is a good solution-- but if its made in the same factory as the Omega why won't it have the same plastic scrapings problem?

So then I turn to the $500 juicers like Green Star, but they say that the twin gears are so annoying for juicing fruit you won't want to use them, and I don't care about nut butters etc. Or the Green Power Juicer (~$300)- twin gear-- will that be too slow and annoying?

The Hurom looks quite nice cause it's smaller and I can't find any bad reviews. But if it's made in the same factory and I had that plastic issue...

Anyway dear lord! What a conundrum.

I'd love to get any of your thoughts or opinions.

Thank you sooo much!!



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Re: Juicer Recommendation- Casual (Summer) Juicer, Omega had plastic shavings!
Posted by: SueZ ()
Date: May 29, 2014 01:38AM

"celery, carrot, ginger, some apple, cucumber, some leafy greens"

I think you would be happy starting with a reconditioned Brevelle juicer from Amazon for the summer. From prep through clean up it takes me 15 minutes at most. With my single auger juicer in masticating mode/People's Choice press combo it takes 45 minutes and that doesn't work as well with soft juicy stuff.

My intuitions says you will like being able to throw in whole apples and whole sleeves of celery and be done with it quickly without having to scrub out all those little crevices for now.

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Re: Juicer Recommendation- Casual (Summer) Juicer, Omega had plastic shavings!
Posted by: Superjuice ()
Date: June 05, 2014 03:08PM

IMO you should just get a Greenstar and buy it here, you won't have any scraping issues with that one and it is proven! My Samson 9001 is not efficient but if you own a press it would be very good. You could get a more modern Samson but you might always have the plastic issue. I don't notice any plastic coming off mine but there has to be some over time.

IMO juicing fruit is a waste of time, just smoothie it.

I am glad you posted this though because we don't want plastic in our juice! Omega does make a new NC800HDS that you can get at BBB also but it would be better to buy it here and save a few bucks and support this site. In the end The Greenstar has stainless gears so there should be NO plastic scraping ever with that one.

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