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$200 Juicing Buddy Review
Posted by: jenniferny ()
Date: October 12, 2014 02:31AM

Good, but needs some improvements

I drink fresh homemade carrot, beet, celery, spinach, cabbage, apple, and garlic juice daily.

If you juice I recommend Norman W. Walker's book: Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices very highly! It tells you what benefits there are from each juiced fruit and vegetable, as well as what juices to use for what illnesses.

I gave the Juicing Buddy 4 stars instead of 5 stars for the following reasons.

1) The concept of this juice press is very good, though not very well executed.

2) The owner/builder tends to be non-receptive and inflexible, but his wife, who runs the customer service part of the business, is very pleasant to deal with and will work with you to resolve ANY issues that you might have to your satisfaction.

If the modifications I added below came standard it would most definitely be a 5 star item!!!!!

I bought this several months ago. Within the first week the base the jack sits in split right down the middle from the pressure. Because of the excellent guarantee it was replaced no questions asked.

When I installed the new base, the first time I used it, it began to flex again and would have split in short order just like it did the first time.

I have made three modifications to my Juicing Buddy at a cost of about $30 and am now very happy with my purchase!!

1) I VERY CAREFULLY bent the pour spout outward about 1/3" to get more juice in the cup.

2) I added a 6 1/2" piece of clear nylon tubing on to the pour spout so that all the pressed juice goes in to the cup.

3) To prevent the base from splitting again I installed six HRS12 Simpson Strong Ties in two rows directly below the jack from side to side using 14- 1 1/4" dry wall screws in each row of braces. This almost completely stopped the base from flexing. I have used it for six months since and have no longer had a problem with the base splitting and with my modifications expect it to last for many, many years.

I would also like to see a wider routed indent to the left of center in the front where your juice container sits so the jack arm is farther from the glass 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup I use.

I hope that the owner/builder will read my review and include my modifications in future builds!!!

Would I recommend buying this???? Most definitely, as long as the modifications I made are added by the purchaser, unless they get incorporated into the product when built.

It comes with a lifetime warranty when bought directly from their website.

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