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Anyone who doesn't really like green smoothies but loves green juice?
Posted by: Iris ()
Date: December 11, 2014 02:38AM

Hi! As my header above states, Is anyone here not very fond of green smoothies but loves green juice? I have tried and was inspired by Victoria Boutenko's youtube videos a while ago, to make green smoothies and I bought a vitamix. I made them for a while but was never too fond of them. And sometimes they're very hard for me to chug down but have been anyways because my boyfriend makes them. But I have a juicer and I love green juices and the way they make me feel. I was thinking maybe it's because my body needs more concentrated greens rather than blended up whole? Just trying to find theories or maybe I don't like the texture. Anyways wonder if anybody is like me. Maybe there's some of you out there.

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Re: Anyone who doesn't really like green smoothies but loves green juice?
Posted by: Kiwibird ()
Date: January 07, 2015 03:08AM

I'm very much the same way. I cannot handle the texture of green smoothies (I have lots of issues with food textures, always have). I also have a cheap juicer that doesn't do a good job with leaves, so I blend them then strain the juice out. That makes a thicker juice, but not unhandlable. Before I went raw, I'd often take the juice pulp, mix with flax and oats, then make burgers. I just got a dehydrator and in keeping with a raw diet, I will be experimenting with omitting oats and dehydrating the pulp burgers and/or making pulp crackers as not to waste the fiber/nutrients in the pulp even though I don't care to drink it. It may be worth looking into other things to do with the pulp, because it is healthy and filling.

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