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Machinery for multiple functions
Posted by: HannaR ()
Date: February 08, 2016 08:11PM

Hi there,
New to this forum and would like to ask your advice on equipment. I'm not actually that raw, but I do like to prepare a lot of different raw ingredients.

I am looking to buy a machine that can do several things for me. It may end up being more than one machine, but obviously, I'm looking for the cheapest solution here! I don't know if it's a blender, processor, blender with grinder attachment or what that I need really.

I'd like it to:
- process sprouted grain to make bread (smoothly please, I am not keen on the rustic effect due to digestive issues!)
- homogenize fresh coconut
- grind dry grain to make a flour or sprouted dried grain to make sprouted flour
- process soaked grain smooth (including small grains like amaranth or caniwa) to make a bread mix
- generally puree items without the need to add water

If anyone has experience of which machines are good for these functions, I'd be really keen to hear from you.

At the moment I've been struggling along munching up the grain and coconut in a juicer, but it doesn't cope all that well and it's quite slow. I would really like to have something more powerful and efficient.

All advice gratefully received!
Many thanks

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Re: Machinery for multiple functions
Posted by: DavidF ()
Date: February 17, 2016 06:07AM

Look sty a Retcel Mill-Rite. I don't know what would do all those but the Retcel with both stone and steel burrs would do a lot.

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Re: Machinery for multiple functions
Posted by: SueZ ()
Date: February 17, 2016 11:42PM

My problem with Retsel mills is that although they are great for s-l-o-w dry grinding they were obviously not designed with cleaning them in mind which really sucks if you are the one who has to clean them.

This little design oversight becomes a glaring inescapable flaw should you decide, as I did, to grind oily nuts, or anything wet or even at all damp using them. One big gooey gloopy mess backed up around the auger(every time) is bad enough but the feed tube does not dissemble making unclogging, cleaning out, and drying the darn thing a time-consuming nightmare from Hell. IMO.

If I were in the market for a good dry grain mill/flaker I would go with a KoMo in a heartbeat.


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