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juicing and a sad, sad colon
Posted by: dynamiteroyalty ()
Date: April 18, 2006 02:08PM

My father went in to the hospital on Monday night with severe abdominal pains. He has told me that the doctors say he has a perforated colon and that part of his colon will have to be removed, but before surgery can be done they are sending him home to liquid fast for 4-6 weeks until the inflammation is gone. My father thinks that a change in his diet recently has caused this tear in his colon and even suggested it was from eating too many berries and the small seeds sticking in the colon. This all sounds improbable to me. He finally was allowed to come home yesterday after his fever and white count went down. There is also the possiblity of a tumor present. None of this will be confirmed until the colonoscopy which can't be performed until after this fast. sigh. If anybody has any insight or information it would be extrememly helpful, BUT my question is about juicing recipes or specific juicing ideas that would help with this sudden rush of toxins introduced to his body. Ive been voicing my concerns about his diet for the last year so the chance to make an impact on how he views his own health is one I dont want to miss.

Thank you all very much,

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Re: juicing and a sad, sad colon
Posted by: VeganLife ()
Date: May 04, 2006 07:42PM

I am not sure what juices would help him. The berry theory sounds unplausible. WEhat did the doctor say the cause could be? On a side note New Chapter's CSensitive Colon Support probiotic ( might help... not sure though, since it does not seem clear what his condition is.


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Re: juicing and a sad, sad colon
Posted by: Oneris ()
Date: May 05, 2006 08:14PM

He needs green leafy vegetables. He needs to alkalize, bigtime, and get some enzymes in there, I'm sure he's really deficient in them. Put a few greens in a blender, maybe a little cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, and water it down A LOT. If you blend up the greens without watering it down it'll be real heavy.

Don't even give him any fruits right now, the sugar will only contribute to his overly-acidic system, and it takes about 20 parts alkalinity to balance one part acid.

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Re: juicing and a sad, sad colon
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 09, 2006 06:03PM

There are so many good juicing books out there! Here is what is very healing and tastes very good. You can change the amounts to get it just like you want it. Sometimes it tastes to me like V8 juice. I helped a person with dire bad health (heart, liver and prostrate) by fixing him juice like this, 3 cups every days. I gave him more carrots, though. I use less carrots now and more celery (since carrots are so high in carbs/sugar):

garlic (3 cloves)
ginger (about equal amount to garlic)
1-2 apples (Granny Smith to cut down on sugar and get more pectin)
1/4-1/4 onion
spinach and/or arugula and/or beet greens

I add 1 T. bluegreen algae (such as Ancient Sun or Cell Tech brands) when I have some of that around. Very good stuff.

Good luck. It's been a while since you posted. How is he doing?

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Re: juicing and a sad, sad colon
Posted by: dynamiteroyalty ()
Date: June 11, 2006 11:20AM


thank you for asking. He ended up having to have part of his colon removed to take care of the tear. He seems to be doing just fine and in a much better mood now that he can eat after being on a liquid diet for three weeks. His diet has improved tremendously so maybe this has done more good than harm. Thank you all for the suggestions!


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