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can i blend a bag of frozen veggies ?
Posted by: neurosport ()
Date: May 06, 2010 05:22PM

i mean maybe let it defrost first then blend it. i am talking about those frozen vegetables u can buy in walmart etc. to turn it into a smoothie.

would that be poor nutrition compared to buying them fresh and blending ?

i am pretty active ( gym, bicycle ) and burn up a fair amount of calories - i can't afford to get that many calories from fresh vegetables. i can either get the extra calories form sources like rice and potatoes ( cooked ) or i could try to go with the cheaper frozen vegetables.

or maybe i should have like one smoothie a day from fresh vegetables and the other ones from frozen ?

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Re: can i blend a bag of frozen veggies ?
Posted by: Trive ()
Date: May 06, 2010 09:09PM

I have heard different things about frozen vegetables. On the good side: Freezing preserves some vitamins that would be lost over time as produce sits out after being picked. On the bad side: Some frozen foods are steamed a little bit to preserve their colour. I know that you know fresh is best and are asking how to make do without compromising too much. My guess would be to go for it.

It's frustrating that cost is an issue about eating well. Are their other smaller grocery stores that you could go to? While big stores may have better advertised specials, smaller ones often have a bargain bin of items just beyond peak, but at super low prices. Yesterday, at one store, I got a large bag of mixed lettuce greens - regularly $7.50 - for $1.00 and still fresh. Another one lets me have the outer, greener lettuce leaves that they pull off of heads to "make them look nicer." One day carrots were $1.00 a kg. My donkeys were thrilled and I was happy too.

A lot of athletic raw fooders get their calories from fruit. Fruits tend to have more calories than vegetables and the sugars in them are more readily available. I look for "overripe" bananas on sale. One store sells apples by the bag for cheap. I moved from a rental house that had a plum orchard in the back yard (Dang!), but if you can't grow a garden at your home, maybe there is a community garden in your area. People love to trade their surplus for yours.

Whoops... I've gotten pretty far away from your frozen veggies question. (Sorry.)

Good luck.

My favorite raw vegan

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Re: can i blend a bag of frozen veggies ?
Posted by: banana who ()
Date: May 06, 2010 09:50PM

When you said "afford," I assume you literally mean price? Because frozen veggies are not cheaper than fresh! Unless you live out in a totally remote area. Do you have produce markets where you live? When I read you mention blending frozen veggies, that didn't sound appealing to me. First of all, the flavor of veggies changes when they are frozen. I wonder what you are doing in your diet: is it high raw, totally raw, vegan? If you are just high raw, I would think a baked potato with steamed veggies would be acceptable and cheaper/healthier than some other choices. Of course, you would be having a raw side with this, too...

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Re: can i blend a bag of frozen veggies ?
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: May 08, 2010 12:02PM

I think neurosport means "veggies" in the vegetarian sense, which would include frozen fruit. Fruit is commonly frozen picked at its peak and raw. Vegetables are commonly frozen blanched (well steamed) because vegetable cells are more rigid and apt to rupture when frozen. Frozen wild blueberries in a smoothie can be nice, the berries picked at their peak and quickly frozen so they arrive sweet and ripe, just as an example.. and thanks to Mislu for that find.. frozen peas are blanched and good for those on mixed diets.

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Re: can i blend a bag of frozen veggies ?
Posted by: Curator ()
Date: May 09, 2010 09:44AM

I think frozen veggies would work,but unless you buy the bargain bin stuff, it wont cost you much less than fresh... alternatively, a smoothie ive made that packs a major nutritional wallop, along with lots of lasting energy, is I take whatever fresh fruits that are on a good sale, frozen fruit if they are on a good sale as well, some of my favorites lately have been strawberries and pineapple, as really large pineapples yummy have been on sale for $2 lately, and strawberries have been a $1 a pound, i buy large amounts when they are on really good sales and I cut them both up, and separate them into small baggies, enough for 2 small shakes, and freeze what I may not have enough time to use fresh for later use.

when I want a shake that packs allot of nutrients and energy into it, I use oatmeal, which ive allowed to soak overnight in lime or pineapple juice till it gets soft, I think oat flour could probably serve the same purpose, but nobody sells it around here... when I have fresh veggies handy like baby carrots, sometimes tomatoes, and various greens, I will sometimes blend all of them in the blender with the frozen fruit, the oatmeal, and some juice... the texture isnt perfect, although im sure a really good quality blender vs my $15 one would probably improve that, but it tastes pretty good, and is fairly cheap...probably costs me a max of $1 for two servings if I got the ingredients cheap, as I usually do...

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Re: can i blend a bag of frozen veggies ?
Posted by: neurosport ()
Date: May 23, 2010 04:43AM

thanks for the input guys. i think i will pass on the frozen stuff after all.

not that there is anything wrong with it just that i no longer feel like i am having a problem sourcing enough calories in my diet.

in particular i have just discovered sunflower seeds ! at $1.50 / pound they are LOADED with calories and i enjoy them either whole ( all by themselves ) or blended into a shake.

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