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The Best Raw Recipes: $2 Eco Chef App!!!
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: June 23, 2010 08:59PM

Hi Everyone I am so happy to announce that my$2 Eco Chef App is Available now on the APP Store and and people really love it! Please help me spread the word because now the tables are turning. With my veg, vegan, raw organic recipes, videos, photos and tons of incredible features and more added each and every week forever! My Eco Chef APP will help make being Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw be more popular, fun, mainstream, hip, trendy, desirable and more!

Let's change and save the World together!

Eco Chef App is available for iPhone, iPod or iPad but if you do not have these then the new full color recipe book will soon be available worldwide from soon for $20. Both the Eco Chef App (available now) and the Eco Chef Full color recipe book (available soon in a week or two on have incredible new food photography, styling, totally new Raw Recipes and much more fun all in the raw!

Eco Chef Bryan Au

Eco Chef App has all 5 Star Ratings and is at #6 on and App Store today! Lets make it #1 and Change the World! INFO !!! Re: The Best Raw Recipes: $2 Eco Chef App!!!
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: July 02, 2010 08:18PM

my new $2 Eco Chef App with all my new healthy quick and easy recipes, instructional videos, cute co-hostesses, Celebrities and more is now today #6 on and App Store! That is huge considering there are 200,000 Apps available. I need your help to make that big PUSH to make it #1 on and App store then we can make history together and become part of something very special! My Eco Chef App is a labor of love and my Dream Come true and is getting 5 Star ratings because I worked super hard on it for the past 9 months everyday inventing new recipes, filming new videos, doing data entry by hand wow that was not easy! But is well worth it because I wanted to share the best of what I have in my heart and soul with the World and to add more health, joy, happiness and eco information too. All for just a one time $2 you will get and love the best new Eco Chef App and I will add totally new recipes, videos, Celebrities, Eco Product reviews, more cute co-hostesses each and every week! Here is more information:

WOW!!! My Eco Chef App is now at Number 7 in it's category in the APP Store and on today and just jumped to Number 6! And now Apple and is promoting it but they told me I need a BIG PUSH today to get it to #2 or #3 so please everyone help me spread the WORD lets make it #1 !!!

So if you have a iPhone, iPod or iPad please get my $2 Eco Chef App TODAY! You will love it, it has all my recipes, videos, fun features and more being added each and every week! BUT if you do not have it don't worry the full color recipe book and DVD is available soon on but please tell people you know that do have it TODAY thank you so much imagine RAW being #1 on and App store Worldwide that is HISTORY BEING MADE BY YOU AND WE WILL SAVE THE WORLD TOGETHER in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible! You can become part of something VERY SPECIAL. WOW!!!

Here is the direct link to so people can see the 5 star ratings, it being #6 on the charts but the best way for people to get it is to type in ECO CHEF into the APP STORE:


Thank you everyone I love you all!

Eco Chef Bryan Au

Re: The Best Raw Recipes: $2 Eco Chef App!!!
Posted by: teresa412009 ()
Date: July 07, 2010 08:24AM

good recipe

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