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Yummy stuff I just made ^_^
Posted by: Curator ()
Date: June 26, 2010 02:03AM

ok, part of this was cooked, but most of it wasnt...

Cooked part: Garlic Parmesan flat bread, recipe probably doesnt matter for this, so I will skip it,lol...

Raw part: made a raw gazpacho, recipe I got on this forum, and altered slightly, added a bunch of garlic, and lemon... used onions soaked overnight in lemon juice, shredded up a bunch of different veggies I had handy, a tiny bit of chopped jalepeno, marinated them in a bit of lime juice, added some fresh cilantro, sprouted quinoa and alfalfa, filled up the flat bread with it kinda like a taco, covered it in the gazpacho which was just slightly warmed up <100 was also rather thick, so worked pretty good, and then put on some slices of avocado they had on sale for only $.50 for some pretty big ones! and voila, delicious!

I recognize this isnt the most helpful recipe if you want to repeat it, but I just took care of 5 kids of varying ages (10,7,4,3, 6 months) the 10 year old is mentally disabled, was a blast, but very very draining, I dont have the energy to form a traditional recipe,lol... it was all just kinda done randomly...

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