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Raw mock scrambled eggs?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: October 16, 2006 03:00PM

Hello everyone! My wife and I have been raw foodists for 3 weeks now and we love it! We were vegetarians before so we really don't miss meat. One thing we really do miss are scrambled eggs. Does anyone know of a raw mock scrambled eggs recipe? We would really appreciate it. Thanks alot for your help.

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Re: Raw mock scrambled eggs?
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: October 22, 2006 07:06PM

don't have one

but have fun pianomoogle
with the other recipes

it may make u forget about scrambled eggszzz

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Re: Raw mock scrambled eggs?
Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: October 23, 2006 08:22PM

I've not tried this, but here's what I'd shoot for:

- flesh of one young coconut
- Agar or Irish-moss seaweed
- some spices (maybe cummin, tumeric)

Blend up all the ingriedents (maybe save some fresh herbs for mixing in later). Pour it on a flex sheet and place in a dehydrator, this would be a good time at some finally chopped herbs (I liked fresh oregino on my eggs when I ate 'em). Check on it once in a while (every hour or few?) and try to scrape it into a pile. After a while it should start to thicken, hopefully getting that scrabbled egg texture. Once it gets the texture that you liked your eggs, eat it!

Of course, this is just a guess - it might take several attempts to get it right. Maybe adding some hemp oil would help.

Good luck, and please let me know how they come out if you try to make 'em.


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Re: Raw mock scrambled eggs?
Posted by: Diana (Cda) ()
Date: October 23, 2006 09:27PM

This is going to be disappointing as I don't have a recipe but there is something that tastes almost exactly like scrambled eggs; I just don't remember what it was.

What I do am almost sure of is that the mixture had tumeric in it as I remember wondering if it was the tumeric that was also responsible for the egg flavour if not just the colour. I was eating it a year or so ago and can vividly remember marvelling how like scrambled eggs or egg salad sandwich filling-like it was.

If I ever remember how I made it, I'll report back. So I know it'll be disappointing but I wanted to respond to let you know that there _is_ such a thing and to not give up searching. ... ... ...

Hey! I decided to take a quick peek over at Alissa Cohen's site and found this!

Scrambled Eggs With Cheese (optional wrap): [] (hey, just saw that they mention tumeric, too! <g>winking smiley

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Re: Raw mock scrambled eggs?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: October 24, 2006 03:13AM

Sounds like you have the texture and colour down, now just add some black salt for the flavour.

Black salt has the egg/sulphur taste. It is mined from the ground and has a pinkish colour when ground up. Look in any East Indian food store.

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