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Tomato Bowls
Posted by: jayelle ()
Date: August 12, 2012 06:59PM

Here is something I love to make to bring to potlucks. Even my friends and family who aren't vegan/vegetarian love them. They're easy to make and can be made with whatever veggies you wish.

This is how I made the bowls you see in the photo...

8 tomatoes
1/2 yellow squash
1/2 zucchini
1/4 cucumber
2 medium sized carrots
1/3 cup broccoli


1. Cut tomatoes in half and scoop out the insides. Lay out with outside part down.

2. Dice veggies. I use a food processor for this but you can do just as well using a knife and mix the diced veggies together.

3. Fill tomato bowls with the veggie mixture.

3. Top with favorite sprouts.

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Re: Tomato Bowls
Posted by: kailly ()
Date: August 30, 2012 04:04PM

welcome to this forum site. I am kailly from India. I am 22 years old.I am new member here. I want to say hello every one.
and Thanks jayelle for posting this recipe .I try it and awesome test.


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Re: Tomato Bowls
Posted by: banana who ()
Date: August 31, 2012 12:23AM

Jayelle, what about anything to bind it together or get it extra flavor? It looks really pretty and all, but are you on 80-10-10? Would you ever blend some lemon and avo or tahini and maybe a touch of salt to give it more of an oomph?

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Re: Tomato Bowls
Posted by: fresherthanlife ()
Date: November 23, 2012 07:00AM

Or even throw some raw pesto sauce on the top...that could work even if you're 80-10-10; you'd just have to make the pesto with few or no nuts/oil.

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