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Raw Chocolate Cheesecake
Posted by: vegan john ()
Date: October 27, 2006 05:29PM

I want to make a yummy raw choc cheesecake - like the cooked english ones - which are like a very thick, deep, velvety choc cream sitting on a biscuity type base (I think they might be a little different in some countries). I know it can be done, has anybody made one?

I'm wondering if I tried to use avocado and/or coconut jelly meat from green coconut to get a thick creamy effect going and then ... add raw cacao powder, add a sweetner eg raw agarve nectar and then not sure what ... a bit of lemon to make it taste like a cheese cake??? (wondering whether a little lemon would ruin it or taste yummy) ... wondering shall I put in vanilla??? (not at all sure about the lemon especially with vanilla). Orange juice is nice too with choc. I'm guessing that a thick choc type mousse would work.

I didn't manage to get any avocados or green coconuts when shopping, so will have to wait until I get some, before I can go wild in the kitchen.

Anyway, I'm thinking that some of you creative ones will know how to do this and have already made such in past .... so please any ideas, recipes??

Or if any of you creative geniuses get inspired to have some fun this weekend and invent a recipe for one ... please share.

Many thanks,

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Re: Raw Chocolate Cheesecake
Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: October 27, 2006 06:23PM

Hi John,

I've made a chocolate pie using avocados before, I did use lemon, but I think it detracted from the taste (something about the lemon and avocado mix seems to taste too savory for a sweet dish). If I was just using nuts and coconut flesh, it think lemon would be ok. Vanilla is always good in deserts. Coconut oil/butter is also useful in creamy deserts.


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Re: Raw Chocolate Cheesecake
Posted by: vegan john ()
Date: October 30, 2006 05:32PM

Many thanks Ian for your reply and advice. Greatly appreciated.


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