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cacao, gojis, ho sho wu, and so on...
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: November 06, 2006 08:14PM

i am fairly new to raw foods (although i've been a vegetarian for a while), and i'd say i'm about 80% raw. i have found it quite over-whelming because of all the information & options.

i'm really starting to get in to cacao, goji berries, raw honey, reishi, MSM, cordyceps, and so on & so on.

thing is, i don't quite know how to make a plan to incorporate all of these things.

i eat plenty of raw fruits and veggies, also sprouted grains and other stuff...should i just use these other "superfoods" as supplements, or what?

i guess what i'm looking for is a diet plan.

also - any info./opinions on any of these things?: ormous, rejuvelac, essiac, raw garlic...

hope you're all well

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Re: cacao, gojis, ho sho wu, and so on...
Posted by: admin ()
Date: November 07, 2006 01:58AM

Be weary of some "superfoods".. A healthy Raw food diet should consist of 90% fresh fruits and fresh veggies, and 10% everything else (nuts , seeds, seaweeds and "superfoods".

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