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Found fermentation pot for kimchi in Chinatown - lead question?
Posted by: Diana (Cda) ()
Date: March 06, 2015 10:36PM

A question via a concern - fermentation crock pots are very difficult to find locally, the ones like the German ones with a water well around the top to create a seal that are more foolproof than other methods. They're hard to find and so you have to order online which involves a lot of cost as they're so heavy and even the smallest 5L one goes for about Cdn$125!

I found a place in our Chinatown that carries a clay pot sort of container that has the well around the top, too, and I asked the owner if it was for sauerkraut and he didn't understand but confirmed it was for kimchi, as he understood that term <g>. I'm ready to buy it. It's just under Cdn$25.00 and I can fill some glass jars with water to put inside in lieu of the stones you'd get with the German or Polish crocks.

My concern is lead. Does anyone know how one would know if they're lead-free? I saw it only very quickly last Sunday and can't remember the inside. The outside was glazed, I think ...

Can anyone recommend anything to figure out how safe this is? It may be 1/5th of the price, but a health hazard is not worth paying less money for in the end!

Thank you!

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