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Nice savoury "ball" recipe (i.e., like spinach-cheese balls in idea)?
Posted by: Diana (Cda) ()
Date: April 18, 2015 03:38PM

Hi, everyone! My quest for a "savoury ball" of some sort is a sage that has been ongoing for a few years <g>. I've tried to come up with something for years but am still stumped. I need something that dries to a very crisply dry consistency yet still tastes good esp. after rehydrating in a savoury sauce or dressing of some kind.

See, I recently found the perfect topping for salads - raw olives! Yum! But at Cdn$17 per small bag, even though it does provide quite a few salads since I count out 10 per meal, that is too expensive. I currently have a well-paying contract but when that's over, I'll be back doing office admin work at minimum wage because the powers-that-be have determined that office workers need to be rocket scientists but they don't deserve to receive proper pay when going through an agency, despite the fact that that's virtually the only work out there if you're not permanent <g>.

So, I desperately need to find an alternative and the clock is counting down. I thought I had this in Amie-Sue Oldfather's croutons 2-3 years ago (NouveauRaw) but even with my modification of adding oil to the recipe, almond pulp recipes dry out my mouth something awful. The sensation is actually quite unpleasant.

So I thought that if someone has an easy recipe to share that it tasty but that still dries to very dry (we of colon/digestion issues can't seem to manage dehydrated foods that don't dry to bone-dryness), I'd be very grateful.

I figure I could then make these in batches like I do the occasional almond-pulp crouton and then dump them in the dressing container shortly before serving when I eat my lunch at work. That would rehydrate them, I figure, to make something the consistency of avocado chunks or raw olives. But without the problems of not being able to buy them when low in funds.

Does anyone have anything easy-peasy yet tasty to share or recommend?

No-one seems to have developed a cheese/spinach or other type of savoury ball recipe; like those savoury balls you can find in grocery stores and health food stores sometimes. Something like that in concept would be great (and please don't recommend I try to come up with my own recipe. I have! I'm terrible at that and make messes each time. It just seems I don't have the gift of recipe creation, unfortunately! <lol> ).

Thanks, guys!

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