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Muesli ideas?
Posted by: Diana (Cda) ()
Date: March 03, 2007 03:38PM

I'm calling this a muesli because I'm not sure what else to call this <g>.

This has really helped me. Since I started eating this a week ago, I've felt it was the last thing missing in my day. I could eat other stuff but this is easy. I've not had success with dehydrated foods much because after a couple of hours until the food is rock dry, fermentation always sets in and I just happen to very extremely sensitive to that. I get sick to one degree or another with any amount of that bad fermentation no matter how little time has passed. But his "muesli" fits the bill.

The original recipe was for making granola. Actually the dried granola would be fine because and I wouldn't be affected since it's completely dry and one adds mylk to soften it only for a small amount of time. But I've not had a lot of time and have just skipped they drying part.

Anyway, I've used this each morning:

About 1/4 C buckwheat
1/4 C sesame seeds
1/4 C sunflower seeds
a couple T of hempseeds and/or the new salba seeds (sp?)
about couple T of shredded coconut (not raw but I'm finishing up a batch from before)
and a handful of raisins

I soak this overnight and drain next morning.

I put about a cup of the soaked that in a 2-cup mason jar and add enough almond/sunflower seed mylk to cover and take that to work along with my raw lunch. It's been fabulous! As long as I have my green juice, too, in the morning and my green drink throughout the day along with my lunch, I virtually was not hungry these past several days.

But ... I'd like to vary the above ingredients. Was hoping to start a variations thread going. I'm going to get tired of the above very quickly but other than a few obvious substitutions, don't know how to make it really interesting and different.

Any thoughts?

Cheers. yawning smileyD

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Re: Muesli ideas?
Posted by: Diana (Cda) ()
Date: March 03, 2007 03:40PM

Oops, forgot to add, I'm not too terribly fond of the rolled oats, etc., idea so I've never addded those. One day when money is better, I plan to buy the sprouted oats, for example, and make my own (I bought a rolling machine ages ago just for this purpose but then that job finished and the great pay has not been the same since <g>winking smiley.

Anyway, hoping for seed and nut, etc., ideas. Thanks.

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Re: Muesli ideas?
Posted by: Bikini ()
Date: March 03, 2007 04:07PM

Using your basic buckwheat mix idea, using all the same ingredients except these substituitions, why don't you try...

a. Instead of the sesame seeds... use pumpkin seeds, and toss in a mix of dried cranberries and golden raisins instead of using the dark brown raisins.

b.Crushed raw almond pieces (instead of sunflowers) along with the sesame seeds, and throw in small chunks of cacao nibs, goji berries, and a few chopped sweet medjool dates.

c. Cashews (instead of sesame seeds), Sunflower seeds, and soaked and chopped dried apricots.

d. Cashews, sesame seeds( instead of sunflower seeds) coconut shreds, soaked and chopped dried pineapple, and a handful of dried blueberries.

smiling smiley

i breath in
i breathe out

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Re: Muesli ideas?
Posted by: Diana (Cda) ()
Date: March 05, 2007 04:17AM

Great ideas, thanks!

I went to get weighed this afternoon and was very encouraged. Being hypo-thyroid, it's been very, very difficult to lose weight these last few years. Dr. Young's books have helped me in last couple of months make that last step towards raw. Last weekend I saw that the previous week I lost 9/10ths of a pound and that seemed the best I could do.

But today I see that this past week I lost a little over 4 pounds! That means that even conservatively, it will be a few short weeks (to me) to lose these 45 lbs I've never managed to take off. I'd only gained this weight those times when, imbalanced, I'd eat cooked food in between raw food sessions. So I was no longer gaining weight but was never able to lose this extra. But now that I'm pretty much raw as per the green principles of Dr. Young and my own habits over last 16 years, I'm over the hump, it seems.

This muesli has been a very big help, too. And any other ideas I'll be keeping track of, too.

I found a great little program called Personal Knowbase (not freeware, unfortunately) that might not be as good as the recipe program I have but that I will use more. It might not make up the grocery lists, but its indexing system will be of much more use to me.

p.s., if anyone tries it and likes it, I'll be happy to share my growing living foods recipe file. I have only a few recipes so far converted to this format, but the index system alone is worth a lot <g>.

Cheers! yawning smileyD

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