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Looking for a regimen, not just a recipie
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 05, 2006 11:07AM

Greetings, I'm new. I'm going to give raw food eating a serious go, probably a month straight. I don't have a lot of time for recipies right now but would like advice on a basic regimen. For instance, I'm thinking the following so far:

Breakfast: fruit, more fruit, and some uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal. Is "rice milk" considered a raw food?

Lunch: carrots, celery with peanut butter (nuts blended at the store if you know what I mean), banana and other fruit

Supper: Lots of vegtables. Maybe some nuts but I need help here.

Thanks for any suggestions, I'd appreciate anyone's input. Am I missing some really important apects? Oh, we just got a juicer but I've got to learn from my wife how to use it and she's been too busy of late herself!

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Re: Looking for a regimen, not just a recipie
Posted by: squidmafia ()
Date: May 08, 2006 03:44PM

Hey, I'm new to raw foods as well (been vegan for a bit but I still feel lethargic on cooked food), and just whipped up this little green smoothie that's really easy and refreshing... drinking it right now! It's really filling too, nice for the morning or lunch, or a snack when you're craving... something...

Super Simple Sensual [green] Smoothie:

*romaine lettuce (I bought them as hearts, so I used a whole heart, probably about 15 leaves?)
*a handfull of cilantro, stems and all!
*a nice, ripe, yellow banana
*a spoonfull of flax seeds
*a spoonfull of hemp seeds
*drizzle in some agave nectar or sweetener if you like

Blend it all in a blender, food processor, or whatever! I'd never think of blending greens and bananas together, but damn, it's tasty! The seeds and sweetener are optional, but I like how they bind everything together.

Good luck starting out! I've been trying to go as 100% as possible for the past few days, hope to make it to a week. Enjoy!

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Re: Looking for a regimen, not just a recipie
Posted by: squidmafia ()
Date: May 08, 2006 04:10PM

Ahhhhh don't forget to add, like, a cup of filtered water, or more if you like it more runny!!

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Re: Looking for a regimen, not just a recipie
Posted by: life101 ()
Date: May 11, 2006 08:04AM


I really try to avoid peanuts due to the mold. You could do almonds instead. They are more alkaline. I've just discovered raw tahini (sesame seeds), too.

I suggest that if you aren't supplementing your nutritional intake to do so. I was 100% raw vegan for 3 months before my health started falling apart because I wasn't watching my nutritional intake and became very deficient. That's when I opened a free account at and plugged in my food intake. I was shocked at how little I was taking in nutritionally. Alot of the SAD food has added vitamins and minerals. When you are raw, you have to do that yourself as what you're eating is natural.

I've found that for me currently modified raw, I eat fruit for breakfast, salads with some sort of grain/bread at lunch, and then more fruit and such for dinner. I sometimes make soup for a meal rather than fruit. For me, even though I love fruit, it doesn't sustain me. I have to eat veggies and grains to balance me. I also do dairy and raw egg yolks but some don't. Some suggest eating every two hours. I found that I only have time to "snack" like that if I've juiced as the other takes more time to chew, etc.

As time passes, you will like get into a sort of food routine that works for you. Then, you will likely refine it as your body detoxes and needs something different. For a while, I was going to the grocery store everyday because I was craving nutrients that I didn't have at home. Now, I think I'm more balanced but time will tell.

Good luck.

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